Easy Bee Hand Puppet Made from Paper

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Time for another lovely and easy paper craft for kids. Today, we will be making these adorable Bee Paper Hand Puppets! So cute and so easy! The kids will love them.

This bee joins the many DIY Paper Puppet creations we have made over the years. There are so many way to get puppet making and story telling! Do pop over for more inspiration!

First shared in June 2020

Bee Paper Hand Puppets – Materials Needed

  • Yellow A4 paper (or any large sheet of paper, the exact dimensions are not important)
  • Black pen
  • Paper scraps for details – wings, eyes and tongue
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

How to make a Paper Hand Puppet Bee

Paper bee craft

We have a choice of video instructions and step by step instructions to browse! Do take a look!

Step by Step Paper Bee Puppet Instructions

Making these paper puppets doesn’t take very long at all. You can take your time over the decorating or make them quickly. Your choice.

Time needed: 10 minutes

  1. Make the basic paper hand puppet shape

    Begin by folding your A4 sheet in paper in 3 length wise. Secure with some glue.
    Paper bee craft

  2. Make the M shape of your paper puppet

    With the seam of your fold on the outside, fold your paper in half. Then fold over flap. Flip and fold over the other. You will end up with a type of “M”. The point in the middle will be your mouth. The long sides of the M, fit you fingers.
    Paper bee craft

  3. Decorating the basic hand puppet as a bee

    Cut out all your bee shapes. I cut out some wings, eyes and a tongue. You can also cut out black stripes or draw them on. I drew them on!

  4. Bringing all your bee shapes together

    Draw your black stripes and then glue all the bee shapes into place. With the eyes you can experiment – bring them closer together or further apart… make them look sides wise or cross eyed.. have fun!!
    Paper bee craft

Isn’t that a quick and easy bee hand puppet to make for kids?! So fun and easy.

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