DIY Paper Puppets with Templates


As our love for Paper Crafts has grown over recent months (if not years), we have discovered a new love for PAPER PUPPETS!!!! Moving paper puppets are really fun to make with kids (or without kids) and there are lots of seasonal paper puppets you can make and explore.

To make life easier for you, we have created a set of Paper Puppet Templates for you to download and use at your leisure to go with our set of Free Printables! These make perfect little articulate paper dolls – cute, assemble and make the parts move. But we also have lots of paper finger puppets and paper hand puppets that you can make without the need for templates.

So cute. Just pick the one you like best…

Articulated Paper Puppets with Templates

We have LOTS planned for our DIY Paper Puppets with templates… and will be adding many more over the months to come… so do please keep this page bookmarked and come back to see what new articulate dolls we have added over time….

Materials required for our DIY Paper Puppets

  • Hole punch (single hole hole punches are super handy US / UK)
  • Brads/ split pins (US / UK)
  • Bakers Twine (oh how I LOVE bakers twine) (US/ UK)
  • A large pointy needle
  • Scissors

Sometimes we also use laminators (totally optionals) and pens for additional decorating.

Our current Paper Puppets with Templates:

We have our very own TED as a Teddy Bear Paper Puppet? Isn’t he cute?

This Astronaut Paper Puppet is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Love this set of Robot Paper Puppets to print and color. There are 4 that you can turn into articulated paper puppets for some STEAM mechanics fun.. and an ADDITIONAL 4 designs to use with just split pins when working with younger children. So cute!

Elf Paper Puppet Templates our first of all our Paper Puppet DIYs – the darling little elf. Choose to “colour yourself” or simple print and assembly our ready made puppet printables – we have a total of 16 different Boy and Girl Elves for you to choose from. Hopefully there is an elf for everyone to identify with perfect for anyone looking for Multicultural Christmas Printables.

We also love our multicultural Santa Paper Puppets. Again we have 5 different Santa Puppets for you to choose from (including a colour your own puppet template). Give your lots of opportunities to really personalise your Paper Puppet Template!

And yes.. we also have the Reindeer Paper Puppet to complete the Christmas Puppet Set! Love!

Of you want a chatty Christmas Paper Puppet printable.. check out these super fun Christmas Clothespins Puppets. HOW CUTE?!

One of our favourite Chinese New Year activities that we have made over and over again with the kids are these wonderful Dragon Paper Puppets!! Love how they move. So fun to make and play with!

And of course we have a Printable Leprechaun Puppet too! Hooray!

Bat Paper Puppet Templates – the simplest of our puppets as it only has one set of moving wings. Makes them no less adorable though!

Day of the Dead Paper Puppet – love how one template can so easily and quickly be customised with the use of the additional Sugar Skull accessories and of course lots of colourful pens!

Check out these super cute and fun “crazies” for Halloween – some great Paper Mummy Puppets for you to print and keep!

The Mummies are joined by this Zombie and Frankenstein Puppet that you can get in the membership area of Arty Crafty Kids!

Finally.. how sweet is this customisable Easter Bunny Paper Puppet? So fun!

Super fun Finger Puppets with Templates

We have a few sets of wonderful Finger Puppets for you to print, color and easily assemble (even easier than the articularted puppets above!).

A set of 10 wonderful Farm Animal Paper Puppets! I think these are so very fun!

As set of 10 Jungle Puppets! From Snake Paper Puppet to, Capybara Paper Puppets.. so cute.

Or check out this set of 11 or 26 Occupations Puppets – follow the ABC and explore different jobs and careers when looking at “When I Grow Up” study units! Quirky and fun!

The Addams Family Paper Puppets would make a great addition to any seasonal Halloween Crafts and Activities. There are 8 of the Addams Family members to choose from. So fun!

Fun Paper Finger Puppets (without templates)

The following paper puppets are all without templates, but we provide you with easy to follow step by step instructions to make your own!

Love these super fun FINGER PUPPETS – aren’t these little Paper Pirate Finger Puppets so fun!? Great step by step instructions.

Easy Paper Bird Finger Puppets – love that these combine fun with doodling and lots of colours, with a super simple origami bird pattern! So cute and fun.

How to make Paper Mice Finger Puppets – another easy project!

Similar to our pirate Finger Puppets.. how about these cute “Circle Mouse” Puppets?

Simple Turkey Finger Puppet

Easy Hand Puppet Crafts

Paper Dog Hand Puppet – this is a great technique for making a v basic hand puppet that you can decorate in all sorts of way.

It can easily be turend into a Pig Hand Puppet.

Or as Mouse Hand Puppets.

You can also make fun Paper Hand Puppets from Fortune Tellers

Like these quirky Pig Fortune Teller Puppets – what else can you make?

Toilet Paper Roll Puppets

Well Toilet Paper Rolls are a kind of paper.. right? And these Toilet Paper Roll Puppets are too fabulous not to share again!

Dancing Giraffe Puppets

Adorable Sausage Dog Puppet

Unicorn Puppet

Leaf Bird Puppets