Best Dried Orange Garland DIY ideas

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Ever wondered what to do with your oranges once you have mastered how to dry orange slices? Well, we have lots of wonderful DIY Orange Slices Decorating ideas… but today, it is all about the orange garlands.

Dried Orange Garland Decorating Ideas

DIY Orange Garland Ideas
Dried Orange Slice Garlands are so pretty!

In an era of plastic and toot, I really appreciate these rustic garland DIYs – so natural and easy to recycle (or keep to bring out year on year!!).

There are lots of fabulous Dried Orange Garland Ideas DIY ideas here.. but if you scroll down, you can also skip the DIY and grab yourself some gorgeous supplies or finished items from Etsy.

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Dried Orange Garland Ideas

So.. you will need to stock up on dried oranges, baker’s twine or gardener’s twine and other natural elements, such as cinnamon sticks, berries, some greenery like small firs or rosemary from the garden etc. Let’s make your holiday season look and smell fantastic! A yarn needle for threading is helpful too!

Rockey Hedge Farm combines gorgeous Rosemary, dried oranges an cinnamon to make these beautiful garland. Hop over for the simple instructions!

By Brittany Goldwyn explore different textures, but still keeps it natural: love the addition of the smooth wooden beads! Don’t they look great?

Super Simple Sew them up like Women in Real Life. Love the contrasting stars garland below. A great way to combine old decor with your new orange garlands!

If your holiday decorating includes banisters.. Here is another way to keep thing simple but super stylish is this banister orange garland by The Merry Thought, doesn’t the green against the orange look fantastic?

An orange and cinnamon garland really is the best combination. The smells really compliment each other. Why not go geometric with cinnamon sticks and Jo Jo Tastic.

Bluet and Clover made this gorgeous berry and orange garland! These would be beautiful around your Christmas Tree too!

Don’t have read berries? Fear not.. beads look fabulous too as per Factory Direct Craft! This really is an easy project to incorporate dried orange slices.

Or such a pretty addition of lace from Saga!

You can also add dried apples to your Orange Garland

Here is another dried fruit garland idea! Mix things up with some dried apple slices as per The Happier Homemaker is a beautiful addition to any homemade made garland idea!

Gorgeous Natural Christmas Decor!

And here is a rustic orange garland strung up the “other way round” – but it still looks lovely, and you can really play with textures and different materials. Visit Hearth and Divine for info!

Or.. if you want to get even more creative with your dried orange slice garland.. check out our adorable Dried Orange Foxes and Dried Orange Reindeer. Aren’t they adorable? They would really make a gorgeous festive garland addition!

Time for some dried orange and citrus fruit resources to make your life easier over on Etsy

If you are short on time, let Cedar Lake Primitive on Etsy help you out. You can order a ready made garland and have it delivered ASAP. Doesn’t this one look devine! So pretty!

Remember, you can make your own.. or buy some dried orange slices like these from Grand U Boutique!

Have you thought of other dried cirtus fruit?

Why not mix things up with a variety of dried fruit. Those dired limes really add some colour! Love them, grab a set of these from Rustic Wrap!

Or try these lovely lime, orange and cinnamon garlands and ornaments from My Scented Home Online!

Love the additional peel in this Dried Grapefuit Garland available from Dido Goods

You can get a rainbow of dried citrus fruit colours!

Finally, if you are stocking up.. I love this rainbow collection of Dried Citrus fruit. They would be perfect strung up as a simple garland. Available from Zupynka!

Zupynka also has these amazing ornaments.

Enjoy all the rustic decoration ideas!! Hope you have LOTS of fun this Christmas!

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Rustic Garland ideas for Christmas
Get the rustic orange slice garland look this Christmas!