Black Glue Heart Art Project

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We have shared how to work with Black Glue before.. and have a great how to make black glue post for you to check out should you want to have a go! Today Rachel, from I Heart Crafty Things joins the 31 Days of Love with this wonderful Black Glue Heart Art Project – a perfect Valentine’s Art Project for Kids. The best thing – it comes with a free template which will make it easy for you to have a go! We love Kids’ Valentines Ideas and these would also make great Valentines Cards for kids to make! Or Valentine’s Wall Decorations (as well as Mother’s Day Decorations)!!

Black Glue Heart Art Project - Stained Glassed Heart Art. How beautiful is this art projects for kids this Valentine's Day? Would make a gorgeous gift too! #blackglue #heartart #valentinesday #artprojects #kidscrafts #art
First published on the 9 Jan 2018 and republished for your convenience!

Black Glue Heart Art Project

Hi Red Ted Art readers! I am Rachel and am the crafter behind the blog, I Heart Crafty Things. I focus on creating fun and simple children’s arts and crafts ideas for creative kids to enjoy with their families. I was super excited when Maggy asked me to participate in her 31 Days of Love Series again this year, and thought it would be perfect for me to share my love for black glue art projects.

This black glue heart art project is bright and colorful and reminds me of beautiful stained glass windows. It works perfect for a stand alone piece of artwork to put on display, or you can also turn your black glue artwork into beautiful Valentine’s Day cards.

To make this black glue art project simple for you I have created a template you can download (enter $0 at check out for a freebie). Or if you prefer, you can create your own custom heart design.

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Supplies for Black Glue Heart Art Project

  • mixed media paper (or watercolor paper)
  • white school glue (or PVA glue)
  • black acrylic paint
  • stirring stick (or use the end of a paintbrush)
  • liquid watercolors
  • paintbrush
  • black cardstock
  • glue stick
  • scissors

Simply enter $0 at check out for this lovely heart template! Or leave a tip if you wish. Your support is is always appreciated.

How to Make your Black Glue Heart Art Project

Prepare your black glue

1. Before you begin you need to make your black glue. To do this, use a bottle of white school glue (or PVA glue) that is about 75% full. Open the lid and squeeze in a generous squirt of black acrylic paint. Put the lid back onto the school glue and then shake, shake, shake the bottle of glue for several minutes to incorporate as much of the black paint as possible.

Then remove the glue lid and give the mixture a stir using your skewer or stick. The end of a paintbrush works well for mixing too. You may need to shake and stir several times to incorporate the paint until your glue is black. This how-to video making black glue might be super helpful.

Create your stained glass heart oulines

2. Download your heart printable and print it onto your mixed media paper. As an alternative, draw your own design with a pencil on your mixed media paper.

3. Before you begin tracing the heart printable with your black glue, test out the glue first on a napkin or separate piece of paper. Create some lines to experiment with the flow and spread of glue. Once you’re happy with the way the glue flows, use a steady hand to trace the lines of your heart printable with your black glue.

4. Leave the black glue to dry completely or overnight. This step is important because if you paint your picture prior to the black glue drying completely your watercolors will blend with the black paint as you paint your artwork.

Flood the stained glass hearts with colour

5. Paint your black glue heart art project with watercolors. We love the vibrance of liquid watercolors but you could use traditional watercolor paints as well. We planned out our painting to achieve a checker board pattern with our colors. Using a different mixture of colors for the heart and the background will help your heart stand out against the background.

6. When your black glue art project is finished drying cut out the extra paper around your heart artwork and glue your heart art project onto a piece of black cardstock giving it a classic finished border. Now you can hang your heart art project up for display for Valentine’s Day.

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