Born to Read

Those of you who know my famil and me a little more, know that I LOVE to read with my kids. When Red Ted was born, I couldn’t wait to start reading story books with him and I filled our house with picture books. Books where also the early inspiration for many of our crafts here on Red Ted Art (two or our favourites being our Giraffe Marionette based on “Giraffes can’t Dance” and our Deoderant Penguin based on “Lost & Found”). And now Red Ted is at school and we are beginning to learn to read together. Yes, it is hard work and yes, teaching a child to read has it’s “moments”, but it is an exciting journey as the world of letters open up to him. Though we continue to read together at bedtime, I can’t wait for him to discover the world of books on his own and for him to escape into his imagination through them.

baby reading

But I digress. I talk about the PLEASURE of reading. But of course, reading is also a fundamental LIFE SKILL. Something that we often take for granted.

The Englishman often tells me how Red Ted’s (limited) reading is better than many of the soldiers’ reading that he had to look after in his days in the Forces. Yes, grown men, who couldn’t read. Grown men who grew up in Britian, one the world’s richest countries, who can’t read.

If you can’t read, the world of opportunities closes it’s doors to you.

If youc can’t read, you cannot fulfil your full potential.

If you can’t read, you rely on others to make sure you steer through life.

Reading is fundamental to our every day life. And every person and every child has the right to learn to read.

Enter Save the Children & Beanstalk and the Born to Read campaign.

The Born to Read campaign has launched in conjunction with Beanstalk to provide more Reading Helpers for 23,000 children in deprived areas. It costs Save the Children £270 per child to do this per year.

How can you help?

1) Volunteer at your local school to become a reading helper. Even if you live in an affluent area, there will be children at YOUR SCHOOL who will need help.

2) Become a Change Maker – sign up and support the Born to Read campaign.