Easy Traffic Light Cookies

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Time for some Baking with Kids and our fabulously easy Traffic Lights Cookies!

Yes yes.. I know that you know already.. that we are having a CARS PARTY this week! And that that is all I have been talking about for days now. I made 2.5kg of play dough at the weekend to go in the goodie bags. I tested our Balloon Car Racing and now I made some traffic light cookies on a stick!

traffic light cookies - super fun and simple to make, these cars cookie pops would make a great treat at a cars party! #cars #carsparty #trafficlights #cookies #cookingwithkids
We have been making these Traffic Light Cookie-Pops since February 2012. Enjoy!

What I love about these traffic light cookies, is that you need no “specialist” equipment – e.g. I made cars too, but you do need a car cookie cutter. Just a knife for the traffic lights!

The kids will get to decorate theirs at the party – with lots of black and red icing, smarties and sprinkles. But I also made a set up for our “family get together” at the weekend. There will be extra children there, but no time to get sprinkling:

traffic light cookies

Traffic Light Cookies Recipes

My favourite cookie recipe, as it is super easy and contains no eggs (making it taste safe!).

  • 300g (plain flour),
  • 200g (butter),
  • 100g sugar) recipe!

I added a yolk of an egg this time, just to really bind the dough. But it isn’t strictly necessary!

  • Coffee stirrers
  • Chocolate & Smarties
  • Red Food Colouring, Icing & Chocolate Buttons

How make your cars cookies!

Preheat the oven to 180C

1) Mix all your ingredients. If a little dry add a yolk or an a drop of water. Normally I don’t need to, but today for some reason I did! Knead well.

2) Roll out dough about 5mm.  Cut out rectangles. I did mine roughly, I think they are about 6 cm x 3 cm?

3) Carefully insert your coffee stirrers – as central as possible. If you find they poke out a little just cover them up with dough.

traffic light cookies

4) Cut out your cars with the cookie cutters and bake all for about 10-20min until golden. Do keep checking on them.

5) Let them cool slightly and then transfer to rack (a piping hot cookie is more likely to crumble).

Time to decorate your traffic lights

cars party traffic lights

6) Once fully cooled, heat some chocolate, spread on the traffic light and add your red, yellow and green smarties! (I was quite surprised at how FEW red smarties there are… and had to open several packs). At the party I think we will use black icing, because the chocolate cools quite quickly and I think is also a little messier…

cars party cookies
cars party cookies

7) With the remaining hot chocolate I “glued on” chocolate buttons to the car and then added red icing with a (clean) paint brush. I am sure you could glue the buttons on with icing, if you are not doing the traffic lights!

cars party cookies
cars party cookies

Sooo what do you think? Do you think the kids at the Cars Party will like these?!?

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