Pig Crafts for Kids for Farmyard or Fairy Tales Crafts

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We love all animal crafts.. but have a particular soft sport for farm animals – especially those cute and lovable pink piggies! So we are celebrating all things PIG with our our Easy Pig Crafts for Kids!

Pig Crafts for Kids

Easy Pig Crafts for Kids
Pig crafts are so cute and easy and there is lots of fun to be had!

These pig activities are perfect for anyone seeking out Farmyard Crafts or Fairy Tale Crafts (i.e.g Three Little Pig Stories!).

If you are a great Peppa Pig Fan you will love these ideas too. The marority are not pig template crafts – but crafts that you can basically just get stuck into! Super nice and easy. Whether it is a muddy pig craft or a pig activities for preschool that you are after.. read on!

Chinese New Year and the Year of the Pig!

Of course these crafts are also suitable for Lunar New Year and anyone exploring the Zodiac Animals. If you were born in the Year of the Pig, then maybe you will love these crafts especially!

Easy Pig Crafts for Kids

We have a nice ecclectic mix of pig crafts for you today.. from Paper Pig Crafts (we do adore the Paper Pig Cootie Catchers) to Pig Crafts for Preschoolers (check out those adorable Egg Carton Pig Noses).. something for everone I hope!

Let’s begin with our Paper Pig Craft Ideas!

We adore these little Paper Pigs – turn pink paper into Paper Pig Cootie Catchers – great to play with either as a traditional fortune teller with messages inside or as little pig hand puppets! Great for pretend play or acting out The Three Little Pigs story!

No Red Ted Art round up is complete with out a Corner Bookmark (this tutorial is also showing in the video auto play).. and we don’t just have ONE Pig Corner Bookmark but two.. one is your traditional cute Paper Pig Bookmark Corner, the other is….

… for Pig Minecraft lovers. Yes a Minecraft Pig Bookmark Corner! Yay!

How to make an Origami Pig Face for Preschoolers. This is an easy Paper Pig Craft for kids to make - either as part of Farm Animal Studies or for Year of the Pig Activities #origami #pig #yearofthepig #preschool #farmanimals #paperpig

Next, of course we need a How to make an Origami Pig Face post too – a great easy origami pattern for kids! I love these piggies, as you only need pink paper and some pens. No glue needed! Origami really is great! They would work really well as part of a collage or greeting cards.

Fun with paper plate crafts. Super easy and fun Paper Plate Rocking Pig!! Oink Oink! Love this adorable paper plate pig craft for preschoolers! So simple and so fun to make. And all you need is some pink paint to get you started.. much fun to be had! If you don’t have a paper plate to hand, cut out circles from cardboard cereal boxes and work with that instead.

Super simple and fun Paper Pig Puppets. More fun with paper pigs! Grab your pink paper, a pair of scissors and some glue to make these fabulous pig hand puppets. These little pig puppets are fabulous for some pretend play.

Though you have to draw your own Pig in this Science Toy, we do have a basic globe template.. make your pig magically appear and in the globe with this great Victorian Toy (with template) – grab your Thaumatrope here.

paper plate piggy

No time for flashcards, has another adorable paper plate pig for you to check out. The kids had lots of fun with their pink paint and painting away to create this cutie!

A cute and simple paper pig which is also great for fine motor skills. See the whole herd of pigs over on Serendipitous Discover. I adore the pink pipe cleaner tail! I think this makes a super cute and simple pig craft for Kindergarten and young kids, right?

pig craft for toddlers

If letter crafts are your thing, then check out this simpe paper Letter P Pig Craft from Kindergarten Connection. Such a fun craft and love that it is all paper – making it eco friendly too! Super fun way to inforce alphabet learning.

Recycled Pig Crafts for Kids

Toilet Paper Roll Piggies – so easy and so cute! Do check out our WOOLF and Origami Houses, that turn this recycled pig craft for kids into a Three Little Pigs story telling props craft too!

Well, See What We Did Today  sure made me smile with these seriously cute and easy Egg Carton Pig Noses. The perfect little piggy dress up for kids! Easy peasy and so fun to make! Just adorable. Perfect for a school play or for horsing around at home.

Piggy Bank DIY

Or how about this recycled cereal box pig craft? It could double up nicely as a kids piggy bank too, don’t you think? Learn more from I Heart Arts N Crafts.

We love a good recycled pig craft and I Heart Crafty Things really is the queen of Paper Bag animals. You will need the paper bag, some pink paint and paint brushes to get started. Check out this adorable Paper Bag Pig today! Simple crafts really are the best!

Other Pig Activities and Crafts!

How CUTE are these 3D Paper Plate Pig Masks?  Perfect for any 3 Little Pigs school plays or for Year of the Pig celebrations. Simply adorable!

Pig Pencil Topper made from conkers

Or how about these super duper easy and cute Pom Pom Pigs? So fun. More info over on The Pinterested Parent! That little pink button is just the cutest finishing touch!

The pom pom piggies before, actually reminded me a little or our Pom Pom Angry Birds.. you could make these in Angry Bird Pig colours and have yourself a game of “real life” angry birds and naughty pigs stealing eggs!).

wooden spoon pig
Adorable Wooden Spoon Pig Craft

Easy Peasy and Fun combines a wooden spoon, pink paint, that cute pink button nose with a pink pipe cleaner for this fabulous little piggy puppet!

clay pot pigs

Lastly… some Clay Pot Pig DIYs found on Pinterest. Apologies that these don’t have instructions, but they are SO CUTE!

Piggy Treats!

In Germany Pigs are consider good luck (well then they really are perfect for Chinese New Year and the Year of the Pig, right?!)… and people often  make these cute adn easy little Marzipan pigs as small New Year’s Gifts for friends. So cute and tasty! If you don’t like Marzipan you can of course make them out of fondant as well. Or wait.. make them from Polymer Clay and you have a super cute Pig Keychain craft too!

Easy Pig Cupcakes! These are serioulsy adorable! Simply make your favourite cupcake and this adorable face of the pig in fondant icing on top!

piggy icecream

Hungry Happenings make these cutest of cute Pink Pig Ice Cream cones! How brilliant would these be at a Peppa Pig Party?!

This brings me to an end of our Pink Pig Crafts for Kids! I hope you have been inspired to get piggy crafty! If you love farm yard animals and are looking for more themes.. take a peak at our:

Here are some pig facts for you:

What is a group of pigs called?

The name is different depending on the AGE of the pigs! A group of young pigs are called a drift, drove or littler. Older pigs are called sounder of pigs (if wild) or a herd of pigs.

What do pigs eat?

Pigs are omnivores, which means they eat everything.  In the wild they mainly eat leaves, roots and fruits – but also some insects and fish!

What are baby pigs called?

Piglets! A male pig is a boar and a female pig who has had piglets is a sow, if she hasn’t had babies she is called a gilt.

What is the pig’s nose called?

A pigs nose is called a snout.  Pigs are foraging animals and they use their snouts to find food. A pigs nose is has a great sense of smell! That is why they are used to help hunt out truffles.

Can Pigs Swim?

There is an island in the Bahamas where you can regularly see wild pigs swim!

Hope you have enjoy this little foray into the world of pigs! See you again soon!

Pig Crafts for Kids!! Oh how we had fun with these Easy Pig Activities for kids. Perfect Farm Animal crafts or Year of the Pig Activities. From Paper Pig Puppets to quirky recycled Pig Noses! Love #pigs #pig #pigcrafts #farmanimals #preschool #yearofthepig

Our Pig Crafts, are of course also fantastic for Year of the Pig Crafts and Lunar New Year

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