Bubble Art Butterflies

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Remember all those times as a kid you tried to blow bubbles into your milk and your Mom got mad at you? Bubble blowing process art creates the opportunity for kids to get as wild as they want blowing bubbles without getting in trouble. Bubble printing really is fabulous!

Bubble Art Butterflies - oooh how we LOVE LOVE LOVE bubbles. We love making our own bubble solution and then creating super fun Bubble Art for summer. Check out this fabulous bubble activity for kids. And those little buttons are just irresistible!!!
First shared in May 2017

This bubble art butterfly craft is a great way to get kids outdoors this spring to enjoy some bubble blowing art and then can turn their beautiful art into a colorful butterfly craft later. A great Bubble Craft Ideas for summer! We do love Bubble Activities for kids and if you need a fabulous DIY Bubble Recipe… look no further! We love making Butterfly Crafts this time of year.. and have added some adorable little buttons, turning this into a gorgeous Button Craft/ Bubbles combination project! This also makes a great Summer Arts And Crafts for Preschoolers idea!

Bubble blowing process art in itself a wonderful activity for kids so even if you choose not to turn your artwork into butterflies, kids will love the fun process of creating beautiful bubble blowing art. We love bubble art!!! It is so cute and perfect for Bubble Craft Ideas later on.

Bubble Blowing Art for Kids – wonderful process art

We are making Bubble Art Butterflies

Supplies you will need for your diy bubble paper prints:

  • mixed media or watercolor paper
  • bubble solution (we love this Bubble Mixture Recipe!)
  • liquid watercolors or food coloring
  • small plastic containers
  • straws

How to make bubble paper – step by step instructions:

1. Begin by pouring bubble solution into your small containers, filling them about 1/4 full. Squirt some liquid watercolors into the containers (or food coloring) and mix the coloring into the bubble solution.

2. Place a straw down into the bubble solution and blow. You’ll notice right away that bubbles begin to form at the top of the bubble solution. Continue blowing the bubbles up and up until they overflow the container and form a big mountain. Remove your straw, grab your mixed media paper and place it gently on top of the bubbles. When you remove your paper you can see that you’ve transferred the beautiful bubbles onto your paper. Yep making bubble paper is this easy!

3. Continue this process as many times as you’d like and with as many colors as you’d like, creating beautiful bubble blowing art. You’ll find that one paper is never enough, so be prepared for hours of bubble blowing art fun!

You can see below my daughter got creative with her bubble solutions by moving the containers right next to each other so she could make big bubble prints onto her paper. It truly is a wonderfully creative process for kids to explore!

4. When you have finished filling your paper with bubble prints, set it aside to let the bubbles dry completely.

How to Make a Bubble Butterfly Art Prints

For your Butterfly Art Prints you will need:

  • your dried bubble paper (your bubble blowing artwork)
  • butterfly wings template (found at I Heart Crafty Things)
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • craft stick
  • buttons
  • string
  • small googly eyes
  • tacky glue


1. Print off the butterfly wings template and cut it out. Trace the pattern onto the back of your bubble blowing art and then cut it out.

2. Cut a piece of white string for butterfly antennae, fold it in half and glue it onto the top of your craft stick with tacky glue. Then add a line of tacky glue along the entire length of the craft stick and glue down your colorful buttons. Now glue two small googly eyes onto your buttons. (As an alternative you can use a permanent marker to draw eyes onto your buttons.)

3. Add a line of tacky glue down the center of your butterfly wings and glue on your butterfly button body.

Allow the tacky glue to dry completely. Once dry you can play with your pretty bubble blowing art butterfly craft, letting your butterflies flutter around the house!

And this is how easy it is to make Bubble Art!

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