DIY Button Crafts Ideas

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This week we are looking at yet another lovely craft material: BUTTONS and Button Crafts. Buttons is something that I have always loved, ever since I was a child. I remember my grandmother having this box of buttons, that I could spend HOURS sorting through. It contained these tiniest of buttons with three tiny holes, which I was simply in awe of… well over 30 years later, I still have these wonderful buttons. But have I made anything with them? No! Time to get making some Button Crafts me thinks!!!

40 GORGEOUS & Wonderful Button Crafts
Getting creative with buttons since April 2014!

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This collection of Button Crafts is divided into three sections:

Fun with Button Crafts for Kids

Let’s begin with some Button Crafts for kids! I love making these either with “un precious” buttons – for examples white buttons that I cut off from shirts that can no longer be worn or made from “children’s buttons” bought at the craft shop! Let’s take a peak at these craft ideas!

Gifts Kids Can Make - Button Bracelets

Button Bracelet – but pracelets are relatively simple and a lacing activity as much as anything else. A great way to practice using a needle and thread.. though best made with some thin elastic!

button crafts animal necklace

Kids Button Animal Necklace by Kiwi Crate. The would be cute as little button fridge magnets too!

Button Snowflake Craft from Red Ted Art

Button Snowflake Craft – This isa great example for using those white shirt buttons and some upcycled craft sticks. It is fun and easy and the button snowflakes are so cute! Then all you need to do is attach some ribbon and your snowflakes are ready to hang.

Button Art Cards

Explore your imagination and leat your creativity go wild with these Button Art Cards – so much fun! For card making, I prefer using the craft store buttons – these one came with a little glue dot on the back and it lots of different colors, so really easy and fun to use! I prefer the craft store buttons, as greeting cards to often get “binned”.. so you aren’t using precious antique buttons!

Bubble Art Butterflies (perfect for Preschoolers, and love the use of buttons)


Button Heart Gift Wrap – though I think I prefer these as a Button Heart Art Canvas! Simply because it is so pretty and I don’t like to “waste” my buttons by using them once on gift wrap! Love combining the button art with some ribbon. So pretty!

button stamps
Super easy button crafts idea

Button Flower Stamps – an exploration in print making. See what patterns you can create using different buttons

Button Crafts for Teens and Adults

Now on to some adorable Button DIYs for Teens and gorwn ups! Here are some lovely projects using buttons to provide you with lots of inspiration! There is a real mix of button DIY ideas for you here today – some need lots of buttons, others just a few. So depending on what resources you have to hand, have a go at the different projects. I love to work with what I have already and not make unnecessary purchases. Hopefully you will feel inspired by these easy DIY projects.

button lampshade

Home Decor with Mom’s Buttons

Button Lampshade – by Everything Laura – UPDATE – this blog is no longer available, but I kept the photo for inspiration.. as you really only need an upcycle lampshade, some buttons and some good clear glue. Such a lovely project to create some cozy decor.

button lamp shade craft

Button Lampshade (version 2) another fun home decor idea – this is an alternative cute way to decorate your lampshades with buttons! Very sweet indeed! Love the rainbow colors!

button crafts tea lights

Button Tea Lights – these button tea lights are super easy to make and look great using more transparent buttons. Another great little decor project to provide you with inspiration! This is more of a fun one.. I would use old shirt buttons for this and keep your vintage buttons for the next project!

Button Crafts napkins

Vintage Button Napkins

Embroider Button Napkins – these are originally by Martha Steward. But they rejigged her website, so you can’t find the original tutorial anymore. You can however see the design and I think any experience embroiderer could give these a go! Though these are napkins, changing the dimensions, they would make lovely fabric bookmarks too. A lovely way to use vintage buttons sparingly, but still use them!


Button Wall Art

Button Tree Art – this is such a GORGEOUS wall art project by Crafts by Amanda! So easy to do with great results and a wonderful way to create a keepsake using your button tin!

Button Crafts (2)

Button Monogram Art – a lovely way to create decor for your child’s room! A great way to work with a picture frame and make a personalised gift.

button headband

Similarly, you can make your little one, this lovely Button Headband by Sugar Bee Crafts.

button craft art

Button Flower Art – by Freckled Nest – UPDATE – this is now a “sign in only” website. But hopefully the photo is sufficient inspiration.

button bookmarks

How about some simple Button Bookmarks – love these button paper clips. So simple. More info over on The Inspiration Board.

button bracelet 001

Button Bracelt (Version 2) – I love this more grown up version of the button bracelet, and I am sure that teens would enjoy wearing this too! You could combine it wiyh some beads as well.

Button Crafts Necklace

Button Necklace – continuing on the theme of jewelry, this button necklace really is super easy to make. Grab some twine, your buttons and off you go!

button crafts

More Button Hair Clips! UPDATE: Originally by Better Home & Gardens, this article is no longer available. The key to this button DIY is to use really strong glue! A great way to use fabric buttons too and not just your regular button.

button crafts earrings
These would really be a great use for vintage buttons!

Button Earrings (Etsy Shop) – continuing the theme of jewelry, have a go at this inspiration for earrings. So simple again!

button crown craft

Button Tiara Crown – this lovely button crown is by Sweet Paul Mag! A whimiscal take on the home made princess crown.

Button Caterpillar Craft

Button Caterpilla T-shirt – this makes a lovely baby shower gift!

button crafts bag

Button Crafts Bag – UPDATE: originally shared on Crafster Forum – which is no longer active!

Button Crafts

Gorgeous Button Flower Cards

Doodling with buttons – these make either gorgeous greeting cards or better still make them as a button bookmark for longevity. Lots of fun creating!


Button Clock – such a sweet colorful clock!

Here are some Christmas Button Crafts:

There is something about DIY Button Ideas that also makes them perfect for Christmas and some lovelu holiday decorations! I am not sure what it is.. but if you check out the following ADORABLE Christmas Button Crafts, I am sure that you will agree! Check out all the creative ways to use buttons this holiday season.

Christmas Button Craft Ideas (including Button gift ideas)
Buttons make wonderful Christmas Ornaments too!

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(Christmas Button Crafts summarised, see individual crafts below)

button snowflakes

Button Snowflake Craft – This isa great example for using those white shirt buttons and some upcycled craft sticks. It is fun and easy and the button snowflakes are so cute! Then all you need to do is attach some ribbon and your snowflakes are ready to hang.

button ornaments

Combine buttons, with felts and cookie cutters as templates and make some wonderfully colourful button ornaments – practice sewing with young kids!

Button salt dough hearts

Simple Button Salt Dough Hearts!

Button Christmas

Button Christmas Tree Craft – originally by – but this website has now been made private! It really is the cutest ornament and I have seen MANY inspirational button trees since. You can even purchase them on etsy! There are also lots of lovely Kits To Buy, with just the right buttons – check out this set and this set. (Affiliate links on etsy!).


Similarly, just use some buttons at the base of this cute Recycle Christmas Tree Ornament

button crafts - garland

Button Christmas Tree Garland – as with the simple button bracelets at the beginning of this post, this is a great way to get kids to hold a needle and thread, as well as making something lovely! I think everyone needs a button garland. You could also turn these into Christmas Napkin Rings!


Button Snowman Cards. These snowman buttons would look adorable as a little lapel pin or a greeting card! The button snowmen are by Laura Casey Interiors – but also now no longer available. I shall keep the images for inspiration.

christmas bauble button cards

Christmas Bauble Button Card – love the simplicity of these little button baubles.

button wreath christmas

Button Wreath – again a Martha Steward special and no longer available as they like to move things around. But this really is an easy craft – string up your buttons on some wire or twine. Form into a circle and add a pretty ribbon bow at the top!

button wreath craft

Button Wreath (version 2) – alternatively, grab your hot glue gun, some card and make this lovely button wreath version. Then add the finishing touches with a little red ribbon bow!

Button Christmas TRee

Christmas Tree Art or Cards – I do love that this is in a picture frame, so it can be brought out year on year.

Phew! Now, who would have thought that there are THIS many crafts to make with buttons? To be honest, I could have spent even longer sharing MORE Button Crafts with you, but I thought you probably have enough now to get you started! T

The question remains, which Button Craft to do first?!