19+ Bubble Activities for Kids – Fun with Bubbles

Hello hello! Welcome back to another fab compilation of activities for kids. Today it is all about BUBBLE ACTIVITIES. Bubble activities for preschoolers, but also bubble science experiments for older kids and art bubble day experiments. Whether you giant bubble makers or simply want to have fun bubbles to play with these summer, you simply MUST read on. Fabulous bubble activities for toddlers and up. I think making your own Bubble Recipe and creating a Bubble Wands Station are the perfect combination for a summer party or street party. Get ready for 4th of July celebrations with some these bubble theme activities. Love love love.

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These Bubble Activities for kids were first published in April 2017 and have been updated and republished for your convenience!

Best Bubble Recipes

Best Bubble Solution

Any Bubble Activities for Kids must of course start with the bubbles themselves. We have two of the best and most fun bubble recipes for you to try out right now and today here:

DIY Bubble Wands & More Bubble Craft Ideas

DIY Bubble Wands - oh yes, there are MORE THAN ONE way to make bubble wands. Check out these easy and ingenius bubble wand ideas. Begin with making your own DIY Bubble Recipe, then have fun!

Now you have your best bubble recipe under wraps (remember to make it “early” it works best if you let it rest a few days), you need to make yourself some BUBBLE WANDS. And this is where the fun begins. There are SO MANY lovely and fabulous bubble wand ideas to choose from. Our favourite of course are the two GIANT BUBBLE Wands on offer – one for big and one for little hands. As well as the gorgeously whimsical beaded bubble wands!

Bubble Art Activities and Bubble Craft Ideas

Bubble Art Activities - if you LOVE bubbles and your kids do to.. here are some great Bubble Activities to make with DIY Bubble recipe

Great. So you now have a big tick in the “made my own bubble solution” box, as well as “made our own bubble wands” box. Let’s start having FUN FUN FUN with our Bubbles. First lets focus on these fabulous bubble art activities. Many of these art activities make great bubble crafts for toddlers AND older kids.

Science & Sensory Fun with Bubbles

Oh man, who knew that BUBBLES could be so much fun. Make your DIY Bubble Solution, and then have some great Bubble Science Fun, as well as wonderful Bubble Sensory Activities. Love.

Now let’s up the ante.. how can we turn bubbles into a fun with bubbles science experiment?? We have combined this list into Science and Sensory Fun with bubbles, simply because their is a fabulous cross over between the two! Explore and discover, whilst experiencing wonderful sensory fun!

More on the Science Bubble Fun Side – lots of fun with bubbles

I do hope that this becomes you one stop Bubble Activity reference article. Remember we will be adding more bubble activities for kids over time. We aim to have ideas for bubble activities for preschoolers, as well as gentle bubble activities for infants and toddlers… right to bubble activities for first grade and beyond! Because you know what? You are NEVER to old to enjoy and play with bubbles!!!!

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