Bubble Wand Making Station

When I think about summer I think of endless play dates at the park, the smell of sunscreen, lots of time at the pool and one of my most favorite summer activities…blowing bubbles. I love how the joy of blowing bubbles never gets old no matter your age. This is exactly why a bubble wand making station is a perfect summer activity for kids.

Bubble Wand Making Station - This is how EASY it is to set up a "Bubble Wand Making station". Let the kids get creative and see what they come up with. Great activity for 4th of July, Play Dates or for those loooong Summer afternoons.
First shared in June 2017

Whether you are looking for a simple birthday party activity for kids or need a last minute activity for kids during a family barbecue, 4th July celebrations or even if you just want a fun activity for no reason at all, a bubble wand making station is a great solution! So this summer.. grab your favourite DIY Bubble Recipe and then let the kids get creative! Once you have made your Bubble Wands, be sure to head over to our Bubble Activities page and check out all the FABULOUS ideas for lots of Bubble fun this summer. Learn how to make bubble wands this summer and have LOTS of fun with bubbles!

How to Make a Bubble Wand Making Station

Putting together a Bubble Wand Making Station for kids to enjoy requires little prep work, only a few supplies and it’s a summer activity kids can enjoy over and over again!

Supplies for your Bubble Wand Making Station:

  • pipe cleaners
  • colorful beads
  • cookie cutters
  • scissors

(more about creating these wonderful DIY SHAPED Bubble wands here)

How to set up your Bubble Wand Crafts – Instructions:

The set up is simple. Lay out a pile of pipe cleaners onto a table along with plenty of colorful beads and some cookie cutter shapes. Having a pair of scissors handy on the table is also a great idea!

You might want to make up a few bubble wands in advance and lay them out on the table so kids can see how to make them, or you can give them a quick demonstration before getting started.

After kids have finished making their bubble wands, pour some bubble solution into a shallow bowl. Now watch as kids faces light up with smiles from the magic of blowing bubbles. There’s not a more perfect summer activity for kids than making bubble wands and blowing lots and lots of bubbles!

This type of activity is also perfect for summer play dates. In fact, after my daughter and I sat at our table together and made some bubble wands a few days ago she asked if we could keep it set up so she could invite a friend over to make them with her in a few days. It’s a great way to get kids to turn off the TV and electronics and enjoy some creative play.

Shaped Bubble Wands – Instructions:

1. If you use small cookie cutter shapes for your DIY bubble wands, you’ll need one pipe cleaner per bubble wand. Start by wrapping the pipe cleaner around the cookie cutter, forming the shape of the cookie cutter. When you reach the end of the shape wrap the remaining pipe cleaner section around the shape a few times to close it shut. Then the remaining excess of the pipe cleaner becomes the handle for your bubble wand.

2. Thread the bubble wand handle with colorful beads. When you reach the bottom of the pipe cleaner with your beads, fold the pipe cleaner end up to secure the beads in place. We like to bunch the pipe cleaner up into a little ball on the end after bending it up to help it stay sealed shut.

3. If you use larger cookie cutters, plan for two pipe cleaners per DIY bubble wand. Mold the first pipe cleaner around the cookie cutter to form the shape. Connect the ends together to close it shut by wrapping the pipe cleaner around itself a few times. Then cut off any excess pipe cleaner piece with your scissors.

4. Fill the second pipe cleaner about half way full of beads. Bend the end of the pipe cleaner up to keep the beads in place. Then wrap the other end of the pipe cleaner around the pipe cleaner shape a few times to connect the two pieces together. Cut off any excess pipe cleaner with your scissors.

Now your DIY Bubble Wands are ready to play with!

Pour some bubble solution into a shallow dish, dip the pipe cleaner shape down into the solution and then blow bubbles through your bubble wand.

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