Bunny Bookmark Design for Easter

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Well.. though we are normally ALL about CORNER Bookmark Designs, occasionally we happen across something SO CUTE, that you have to make something a little different. A couple of weeks ago, I saw some adorable Smitten Mitten Bookmarks (by Design is Yay) and I thought – OOOOOOOOHHHHHH this process would work wonderfully as a Bunny Bookmark Design for Easter.  This would make a great addition to our collection of Easter Bookmark Designs, don’t you think? These bunny bookmarks are super cute and fun to make. I hope you will make as set as Easter Bookmarks to give and enjoy yourself. So.. without further ado.. I give you our:


Easter Bunny Bookmark DIY – Materials:

Ok.. this will SOUND like a long list.. but it really is just a list of basic stationary items:

  • one paper clip per bunny
  • white or brown card + a teeny bit of white and pink paper for decorating
  • coloured card for the eggs – if you don’t have any, use white card and decorate yourself
  • bakers twine (we LOVE it… stock up today!! US / UK  – this assorted set is great too US/ UK)
  • Tape
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors & black pen

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Easter Bunny Bookmark DIY – How To:

As per usual, we have, what we hope is a helpful video on autoplay for you….. but I have also written out the instructions below!

As mentioned in the video, there are two ways of making these adorable Easter Bunny Bookmarks – a, uhm, simple and a slightly less simple, but simple really way (hahaha that made sense, right?!). Basically, you can either have your bunnies “double side” or “single sided”! Single is cute and a super fast make. Double is just that little bit more adorable (especially as you get to add a cotton tail to your Bunny Bookmark DIY)!

On to our written step by step bunny bookmark how to –

The Basic Bunny Shape

Fold some light card in half (so you can cut two bunnies at the same time). Then start off by sketching your bunny – you will need two ovals, a smaller one for the body – but wide enough to hold a strip of tape to secure the paper clip and a bigger one for the head. Then add ears.

When you are happy with your design, cut out two bunny shapes the same size at the same time.

One on bunny – add our facial details (check ours for inspiration). On the second bunny, add a cotton tail. On the brown card, I glued on pieces of colored paper for details

Tape your paper clip onto the cotton tail bunny – make sure enough of the paper clip sticks out, so that it will fit over your book later.

Glue your two bunny sides together.

Hold in place with clothes pegs in need be.

You could already use your bunny as a bookmark at this point! The tangling Easter Eggs are not strictly speaking necessary!

The Easter Eggs

Whilst the bunny dries, cut out 4 Easter eggs. If you have pretty paper like us, great.. if not, use white paper/ card and colour it!

Final Bookmark Assembly

Cut a length of Baker’s twine – that is long enough to loop through you paper clip and fit the length of a book.

Loop around you paper clip.

Then glue between two eggs.

AND YOU ARE FINISHED with your Bunny Bookmarks…. aren’t they the CUTEST!?

We also have a super cute Kawaii Snowman Bookmarks version of this bookmark!

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