Easter Corner Bookmark Designs & More


Corner Bookmarks are a great way to get crafty, make something cute AND useful. They can be gifted or kept and made over and over again. I love that they use simple materials (i.e. just paper) and therefore hopefully are accessible to everyone!

With Easter, just around the corner, this is a collection of our favourite Easter Corner Bookmark Designs for kids or grown ups. They can be made all year around, but are especially lovely Bookmarks for Spring and Easter!

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Collection of bookmarks suitable for Easter or Spring. Including Easter Corner Bookmark Designs.

Easter Corner Bookmarks – let’s get started…

Easter Corner Bookmarks made to look like Chickens and Chicks

First up we have this ADORABLE 2 for 1 Easter Corner Bookmarks – the mummy chicken bookmark with it’s adorable baby chick corner bookmarks. Aren’t they the cutest? Mad out of “basic shapes” (Can you guess what it is?), you will find these super easy to make and hopefully enjoy using them this Spring and Easter!


Bunny Bookmark Corner Design using only printer paper

Next up, we have a super duper CUTE Bunny Corner Bookmark. Hands down, probably a winner in the Easter Corner Bookmark category. Bunnies are simply perfect for Easter. And I do love that little BABY bunny in the corner.. isn’t it the cutest. Super easy and fun to make. The kids will love them too!

Kawaii Flower Corner Bookmarks with ladybug details

Next up we have some super simple Spring Flower Corner Bookmarks – ok, so they are a more general “Spring Bookmark” theme, but I do think, that they are just right for Easter too? Don’t you think? (and ahem, great for Mother’s Day too of course!).

Easy family of Sheep Corner Bookmarks - including Mama Sheep, Lambs and a little black sheep

The newest of our Easter Bookmark Designs.. are these fluffy Sheep Corner Bookmarks! Easy and cute!

Extra uber cute Easter Bookmark Designs

Easy Paper Clip Bunny & Egg Bookmarks

More fun with paper (or light card stock) and you can make these darling Easter Bunny Bookmarks – aren’t they just SO CUTE! A move away from our “usual” Corner Bookmarks, but an irresistible make none the less!

Origami Carrot Bookmark design

This little Origami Carrots would make brilliant bookmarks too, don’t you think? I can just see those carrot tops peeping out at the top of your book. Too cute!

Easter Corner Bookmarks & More - the cutest bookmark designs for Easter and Spring reading!

Now we are moving towards the “and more” Bookmark Design ideas. Though we are passionate about all our Corner Bookmark Designs, sometimes, there are more Easter Bookmark Designs, that are too cute not to share… Like these seriously ADORABLE beaded bunny bookmarks, from Small For Big, aren’t they just darling?!

Now and again, I do love a PRINTABLE Bookmark too. It is a short cut to a wonderful and cute little gift to make… and I love this heart bunny bookmark for this. Make a pom pom (we have some GREAT Pom Pom making techniques for you to try out) and then head over to Hello Wonderful for your printable!

Simple Fingerprint bookmark design to make chicks

And finally, to round it off, a super duper cute and simple keepsake bookmark for Easter. Make some adorable Finger Print Chick Bookmarks with the kids. How darling! And they will put a smile on your face all year around. I confess… we actually made these as Finger Print Chick Cards, but they make perfect bookmarks (cut to shape) too, don’t you think?! You could hole punch one end, add a ribbon and some beads and bob’s your uncle!

Happy Rainbow Corner Bookmark design for Spring

Here is one final addition – maybe more a “Spring Bookmark Corner”, but rather cute too, don’t think?? Love this Rainbow Corner Bookmark design too!

Please do bookmark (get it!!?) this page.. and come back for more. I may have some nice EGG Bookmarks for you soon.. but if you can’t wait .. you could convert this super simple Egg Greeting Card for Preschoolers into an Egg Bookmark for Easter too.. don’t you think?!

Happy Bookmark mark making and reading!

Collage of Easter Bookmark designs

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