Camp Playful – Week 2 of 5


Welcome back! It is WEEK 2 of the awesome CAMP PLAYFUL. We (Valerie from Inner Child Fun, Ana from Babble Dabble Do) and I have been overwhelmed by the amazing response from YOU GUYS!  We are so pleased to see so many of you sign up and the feedback and emails you are sending us… wooohooo… In case you don’t know what I am talking about, here is a recap on CAMP PLAYFUL – your FREE 5 week guide to Summer Fun!

The idea is simple – each week you will receive an email with 3 great video projects that you can do with the kids from Inner Child Fun, Babble Dabble Do or me over on Red Ted Art. No need to rush – they will stay there for you to come back to as and when you have time. The ideas are designed to bring you classic Summer fun, using household and kids craft staples! Easy, do-able and above all FUN (just as easy as our DIY Bubble Recipe)!

No matter WHEN you register, you won’t miss out on a single week’s worth of fun – the series starts when YOU join us. So if you rhol

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So… what does WEEK 2 of Camp Playful Look like?

Sponge Bombs

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Stained Glass Pasta

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Party Poppers

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