Easy Craft Stick Dollies (or Lollipop Dolls)


Today we have a little craft brought you by Pip Squeak! We have been eating a fair few ice lollies.. and the environmentally “friendly” so and so that I am, have been washing them and keeping them for the kids to craft with (yes, we have a stash of craft stick from the shops.. but I love showing the kids, that you don’t have to BUY craft materials in order to get crafty). Pip Squeak (aged 5) has been collecting them.. and little but little this little set of craft stick dollies have been emerging (in fact, they started with just eyes and smiles.. and this weekend they prohress to getting dressed.Craft Stick Dollies - a simple how to by a lovely 5year old. Love the narration about how size doesn't matterPip Squeak, REALLY wanted to share these dollies with you and created a quick and simple Craft Stick Dollie How To video for you. Do give it a peak and “humour her”. it is (of course) delightful (says her mum who isn’t bias at all) and I particularly like her narration about “how size doesn’t matter” – bless her cotton socks. To see more craft videos by Pip Squeak (crafts for kids by kids!!) subscribe to her channel today!

Easy Craft Stick Dollies by Pip Squeak