Easter Crafts Ideas for all ages

We love Easter Crafts and Spring Crafts! It is such a wonderful time of year to decorate or get crafty with the kids!

Over the years, we have created SO many ideas for Easter and so many “collections” of Easter DIYs under all sorts of themes… so I thought, it would be useful to put these all in one place, so you can quickly and easily browse the sections that interest you the most.

From recycled newspaper Easter Crafts, paper crafts, to Easter DIYs that you can make and sell at craft fairs!!

Hopefully, ALL your Easter Inspiration in one place!

Easter Crafts for Kids

The most “generic” collection of our kids Easter Crafts is this one:

Paper Based Easter Crafts

First up, let’s take a look at some paper crafts for the Easter season. We love paper, as it is so inexpensive, comes in all sorts of colours, is incredibly versatile AND bio degradable. Making for great eco friendly crafting. I love paper crafts so much.. that my new book ONLY needs paper.

Frugal and fun – Newspaper Crafts are great all year round. Here are some clever Newspaper Easter Crafts! So lovely.

Easy Handmade Easter Cards to Make with Kids! We love “practical” kids crafts or crafts that you can make and “share”… and making cards is just the perfect opportunity to get crafty and put a smile on someone’s face!

Our favourite Easter Origami Projects. We are great fans of Origami – it is wonderful for spatial awareness, fine motor skills and learning to read and follow instructions. And at the end of it? You have a super cute craft! So many great Educational Benefits of Origami to explore.

All your Paper Easter Crafts needs in one place! Buy a big pad of colourful paper and get making!

Wonderful Free Easter Coloring Pages! These are great for keeping the kids busy! You can print them out “as is” or print them on a half page, to make fun Easter Cards!

Adorable Easter Bookmark Craft Ideas

Crafts you can Make and sell at Easter Fairs

Here are some ideas for the more experience crafter – I always think that any craft that you make to sell, should be inexpensive to make and not take too long. Basically, crafting to sell should make you money!!! So don’t make the projects too big or complicated, but do make them adorable!

Great ideas that are easy and not too expensive to make – perfect for the Easter Craft Fair.

Free Knitting Patterns for Easter! Many of these would be suitable for the Craft Fair too!

I wasn’t really sure which heading to put these under.. they actually are better for a general ideas section. But here it is anyway. Fun with homemade Easter Baskets! Upcycled and new! Perfect for the Easter Table Decorations. And why not get some “non candy Easter Basket Gift ideas” to pop inside?

Adorable Easter Crafts for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Time for the toddlers and preschoolers and some fun Easter Activities for them! We love working with young kids and they delight in crafting all year round. Here are some super cute ideas that little ones will love this Spring and Easter!

Adorable Easter Crafts for Preschoolers and toddlers. I think the tissue paper chicks are my favourite.

Or how about some Paper Plate Crafts for Easter? So cute and so versatile!

Fun with Easter Bonnets for the Easter Bonnet Parade at school!

Adorable Egg Decorating Ideas for Preschoolers! Yes even preschoolers can work with REAL Egg Shells.

Animal themed ideas for Easter – Chickens, Bunnies & Sheep

Or maybe you are after a specific animal related craft or activity. The main “animal” topics this time of year are Easter Chicks, Easter Bunnies and Lambs and sheep. Our favourite are here:

Cutest of cute Chicken Crafts perfect for the Easter and Spring Crafting season. So many cuties!

All of Red Ted Art’s Bunny Crafts in one place!

More adorable Buny Crafts for Easter

How to make paper rabbits with step by step instructions. Your Paper Bunny Dreams come true!

The most adorable Spring Lamb Crafts for Easter!

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

The kids and I adore egg decorating. There are so many “reasons” for decorating an egg. Whether it is the school egg decorating competition (**cough** which we have won many times!!!), decorating an Easter Tree, or quick egg decorating ideas for the breakfast table.. here are some ideas to get you going! We particularly love our Egg Roll decorated eggs. Always so much fun!

All our Egg Decorating Ideas in one place!

Ideas and Top Tips for winning the School Egg Decorating Competition!

More Easter DIY Ideas and Crafts

A collection of Delightful Easter Crafts to Inspire you!

Our final collection of ecclectice Easter Ideas! Let’s keep you busy.

And last but not least, how abour some Easter STEAM activities? Wonderful!