Celebrate Veterans Day in Schools


Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11. It marks the end of World War I and coincideds with Remembrance Day and Armistice Day in other countries! Here is a collection of Veterans Day Celebration Ideas to do at home or in the classroom with students.

So if you are looking for ideas to honor Veterans Day – do read on!

What are the colors of Veterans Day?

paper lanterbs

If you are decorating for Veterans Day in the US, then the colors of the United States Flag are most appropriate – choose blue, red and whites! We have a fantastic set of flag crafts for you to explore, that would be perfect as Veterans Day decor!

Spend Time with a Veteran/ Visit a local Facility

The best way of all is to try and spend some time with Veterans in whatever capacity you can. Maybe members of the student community have some relatives who could come into school and meet students. Or maybe you have a loval Veteran facility or Veterans organizations nearby that you a visit could be organised to.

You could write letters of thanks before your visit or bake some cookies to share! Visiting armed forces on Veterans Day is always a fantastic activity for children.

Send Care Packages/ Write Letters to Current Troops

honoring veterans
Operation Gratitude is a fantastic organisation to get involved in

If you can’t visit Veterans service organizations, you can still support American troops, by writing letters and creating care packages to current troops. Operation Gratitude is a great way to get letters to Veterans.

Create a Veterans Day Display

poppy wreath

A Veterans Day Display is a great way to go into some more depth on the topic and discussing and learning about the sacrifices made by people in the military service. Combine information posters, photographs and decor, such as Flag Rossets to decorate your display.

Poppy Crafts – to signify the blood shed in World War I are also a great way to decorate fro Veterans Day. We have an extensive collection of Poppy Crafts for you to try!

Plan a Veterans Day Celebration Events

You can plan a school event around Veterans Day. This could include:

  • A special Assembly,
  • Flag raising,
  • Music concert

Also encourage students to attend any local Veterans Day Parades or Events.

Veterans Day Book Resources at the Library

Get the school library to put together a book display with suitable Veterans Day related books – be mindful of different age groups and find books suitable for all.

In addition a book list could be created – either encourage families to purchase and donate from the list to the school library or for students to purchase and keep for themselves.

Here are some Veterans Day related books to get you started!

The following list contains affiliate links which have been added for your convenience! Should you choose to purchase through these, I will earn a small comission that goes towards the upkeep of this site!

The Poppy LadyMoina Belle Michael and Her Tribute to Veterans

Moina is the lady credited for establishing the Red Poppy (more crafts on that below) as a symbol for Memorial Day and Remembrance Day. Many of her students and friends fought in World War I. This how Moina fought to establish a way to remember them by.

Rags Hero Dog of WWI

Animals played a huge role in World War I and this book is based on a true story of “Rags” – a dog that provide much support to soldiers on the battle field. A poignant story about loyalty and comaderie.

Memorial Day Surprise

If you are visiting a Memorial Day Parade for the first time, this may be a good picture book to read and help kids understand what it is all about.. needless to say – be mindful of the ending in case you can promise a similar result! In this story, Marco, discovers that his grandfather is a true American Hero….

Veterans: Hereos in our neighborhood

A lovely rhyming book for all ages – reminding us that there are heros all around us.

The Wall

This book is specifically about a memorial for the Vietnam War. A father and his son visit The Wall in search of his grandfather’s name.

Rolling Thunder

Focusing on the annual Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom – a ride in honour of those left behind as well as veterans. A book from a slightly different perspective!

In Flanders Fields

If you are looking for something more educational and for older kids (10yrs+) this and excellent award winning book focusing on the famous “In Flanders Fields” poem by John McCrae (which inspired the Red Poppy movement). The poem is shared and more

Writing Assigments about Veterans Day

In additiona to the Veterans Day display already mentioned above, there are other writing activities you can give a go:

  • School newspaper
  • Write to troops
  • Story writing from different points of view – this can also explore different events, World Wor II vs the Korean War etc

Explore Military Uniforms

If you are looking for more creative ways to celebrate Veterans Day, I have already mentioned a set of American Flag Crafts you can have a go at.

However, a quick search online and there are lots of wonderful Military Uniform resources out there. You can look at the history of the uniform over time.

You can get a great PDF Download from the Army History Magazine!

Fundraisers for Veterans

Finally, why not hold a fundraiser for Veterans? Supporting veterans and their families finanically is always a fantastic way to show your gratitude!

There are many ways you can organise a fundraiser both at home or in school for example:

  • Cookie sale – be it a door to door sale or a school sale
  • Hold a Yard Sale or a school second hand sale – always a good excuse to have a clear out
  • Create challenges – e.g. get people to sponsore you to walk or swim or cycle a certain distance
  • Hold a music concert and charge a small entry fee