Cheat’s Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipe


I don’t if you have noticed… but the internet (and all the Christmas brochures) are full of “Hot Chocolate Bombs” for Christmas!! Oh man, they look so good.. but are often actually quite pricey (well for a cup of hot chocolate!!). So when I saw this fabulously easy Hot Chocolate Bomb Hack idea… I HAD to ask if I could share it with you all!

Chocolat Bomb DIY Hack
First shared in Nov 2020

Sarah W from Facebook, shared this amaizng Kinder Egg Hack.. and gave me the permission to share it with you here today! Many thanks Sarah. I am SOOOO excited by these!

As you can see, she used the “kinderegg brand” of chocolate eggs in her hot chocolate bomb hack – but of course other similar brands are available.. or maybe you want to try and open a small chocolate Santa instead? I am sure it is easily done with a sharp knife.

But first…

What are Hot Chocolate Bombs

Hot chocolate bombs are a super fun idea for Winter Days (though I reckon they would make fantastic Hot Chocolate Bombs for Easter too). Essentially they are a chocolate shell, filled with marshmallows, that you turn into a gorgeously yummy Hot Chocolate Drink

How to use Hot Chocolate Bombs?

The majority of Hot Chocolate Bombs, require the use to heat up some milk and then you simply pop your bomb in the cup and stir! Melting the chocolate and releasing the marshmallow, for a delicious Hot Chocolate Drink!

If you are using the right sort of drinking chocolate as part of your chocolate bomb, this can also be made with hot water.

DIY Hot Chocolate Bomb Ingredients

Generally you will need:

  • Chocolate and chocolate moulds – but for this HACK, we will be using Kinder Surprise Eggs. I appreciate that these are not available in the US, however you can get “Finders Keepers” suprise eggs. Do keep an eye out for those.
  • 1-2 tea spoons of Hot chocolate powder – one that disolves in milk or water – your choice
  • Mini marshmallows

You will also need a warm pan (to help melt the chocolate a little) and something to wrap your finished Hot Chocolate Bombs in afterwards (littel cellophane bags do look great).

How to make a Hot Chocolate Bomb?

As you know, Red Ted Art Is very much a Kids’ Crafts website. The kids and I do love to bake – especially around Birthdays and Christmas time. But I wouldn’t saw we are the experts in the kitchen. The idea of making my “chocolate shells” to fill with hot chocolate goodies actually feels me with horror and dread! It makes me think of either burnt chocolate or tuns of spilled chocolate. Oh dear. That does NOT bode well for!

Unwrap your chocolate egg and carefully prise apart. Try not to break the shells.

Take out the surprise and give it to your kids.

Easy Chocolate bomb

Fill on half with 1-2 tea spoons of hot chocolate (depending on the brand you are using). Sarah used 2 tea spoons.. I think I would err on the side of more, rather than less too!

Fill the same half with marshmallows.

Warm up a pan (not too hot).. then gently rest the second half of the chocolate egg on the heated surface – to melt it a little and carefully prise the warmed chocolate shell to the filled chocolate shell.

And THAT.. is it! What a genius hack.

Is it better to make hot chocolate with milk or water?

Most hot chocolate mixes you buy can be made with hot water too. The benefits of using hot water, is that you can taste the chocolate flavours better. The benefits of using milk, is that you get a creamier hot chocolate! In our house, we go half and half – my son especially prefers more water than milk. Whilst my daughter is the other way round!

Though do double check the packaging of your hot chocolate mix for instructions!

Can you Customise Your Hot Chocolate Bombs?

Absolutely!!! If the recipient of your Hot Chocolate Bomb loves mint or butter scotch, add additional flavours to your bomb. Or keep it simple buy “Mint Hot Chocolate” and add that to your chocolate bombs. Sprinkles would be super fun too!

What can you add to hot chocolate mix to make it better?

The most common things to add in to your hot chocolate for a truly delicious cup of chocolate are:

  • Marshmallows (easily added to your bomb)
  • Whipped cream (sorry, this would need to be added separately)
  • Caramel and flavours (you will need to experiment as to whether they make a mess of your chocolate bomb)
  • Coffee and spices – these often come “dried” so you can experiment to your heart’s content. Coffee and spices really bring out the flavours, so are totally worth trying out!

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