Easy No Sew Sock Bunny

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Hooray, it is Easter Crafts for kids time! Todays, super duper cute and easy No Sew Sock Bunny is a guest post from Mother And Fun! Nothing quite like an adorable Bunny Craft for Easter.

Easy no sew sock bunny

We love having new guest posters here on Red Ted Art – a great way for you to discover new crafters! Mother and Fun is a lovely instagrammer, that I think you will enjoy. Lots of wonderful creative ideas using every day materials.

Today she shares here wonderful Sock Bunny DIY with us. Sock bunnies are super easy and oh so fun to make. Combining the right colours and materials makes all the difference. And though you can use a lone sock to make this, be sure to use on that isn’t too worn! We love to upcycle, but the key to upcycling is using items that still look nice.

To make a sock toy, you will need:

As with any recycled/ thrifty item, work with what you have. Have a rummage through your draws and see what you can use. I love the combination of the brown sock with the hessian tummy and ear features. What can you use from your home?

sock bunny materials
  • 1 x sock
  • 2 x rubber bands
  • Rice
  • Marker pens
  • Scissors
  • Glue or glue gun
  • Optional: Ribbon, Pom pom, Materials to decorate

Sock bunny step by step –

created by @motherandfun

fill the sock toy with rice

Step 1: Fill approximately half your sock with rice and secure with a rubber band

fill the bunny head with rice

Step 2: Fill a smaller head shaped section with rice (make sure you leave extra material for the ears) and secure with another rubber band

shape the sock's ears

Step 3: Cut the excess material down the middle to the rubber band to form the ears (these will stand up)

shape the bunny ears some more

Step 4: Cut around the ears to shape them and make them more bunny-like

decorate the sock bunny

Step 5: Draw the face on with markers, stick a pom pom on for the tail and decorate as you wish. The great thing about these is that you can jazz them up as much or as little as you like. We used scrap bits of wool and hessian to bring our bunny to life. These would make the perfect gift too!

Isn’t this little no sew sock bunny the cutest? So so so fun to make! If you have a go, be sure to tag both @MotherAndFun and @RedTedArt with your creations over on instagram!

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