Chick Easter Basket

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A few years ago the kids and I made some tissue paper Easter Baskets in the from of a Hen and some Rabbits. They were so easy and fun to make, that I thought we could have another go.. this time, we decided to make a slightly SMALLER Chick Easter Basket version. It literally took about 10mins (excluding drying time) to make and my daughter was SO proud of her little basket, that she brought it along to show and tell at school. I love that we upcycled some old tissue paper and made our own paste! Super fun and easy chick Easter baskets for kids to make!!!!! This would make a lovely Preschooler Easter Craft!

Chick Easter Basket - a super easy DIY for kids - make your own easy paste from store cupboard items and upcycle old tissue paper

Chick Easter Baskets – Materials needed:

  • old yellow tissue paper – if you don’t have yellow – you can use white tissue paper or newspaper and paint it afterwards
  • feathers (optional)
  • googly eyes (optional, you can draw some on)
  • orange felt (optional, you can use card or draw it on)
  • glue (for adding features)
  • DIY Papier Mache Paste – flour and water (see below)

How to make DIY Papier Mache Paste:

Making your own papier mache paste is SUPER easy and SUPER cheap. We LOVE making it ourselves, as it is such a fun and frugal thing to do. DIY papier mache paste, does have a yellow is tint to it though, so when using tissue paper, it may dry a little darker. But it wasn’t really a proble for our craft!


  • 1 Part Flour
  • 2 Parts Water

It really doesn’t matter how “big” your “parts”… we simply used a small cup, as we knew we were only making 3 small chick Easter Baskets.

Place in the microwave and blast for 30sec – 1 min (depending on microwave performance), remove and stir.

Place back in the microwave and repeat until you have a thick (but not too thick) paste.

Give it a really good stir and try and remove any lumps.

Alternatively to your DIY Papier Mache paste, you can use wall paper paste or white glue water down a little.

Chick Easter Basket - a super easy DIY for kids. Make your own easy paste from store cupboard items and upcycle old tissue paper

Easy Chick Easter Baskets How To:

I share a fabulous little video tutorial for this tissue paper mache Easter Basket. But have also got the step by step instructions (borrowed from our Hen Baskets) below for you too! They are made the same way.. just using yellow tissue paper!

How to make a tissue paper mache basket for Easter

And here is how to make your own Hen Basket step by step instructions!

Easter Crafts Tissue Paper Mache Baskets

1) To help us get a neat ish edge on our Easter Baskets, I drew on a line of where to papier mache – note the little bump at the front for the face! The pen DID come off onto the finished basket, which we the trimmed off. So do bear that in mind when drawing it on.

Easter Basket Craft for kids

2) We decided to use paint brushes for this session, as my kids have decided they don’t like the feel or papier mache paste. So I guess… we are doing “decoupage” but with papier mache! Same principle – use your brush to apply the glue, add a layer of tissue and then add more glue on top – soaking the tissue through. Pip Squeak (3yrs), helped me make a white baskets for a hen and a pink basket for a bunny. Red Ted (5yrs) then got interested and did a blue bunny… I would have loved to “only” do the hens, as those are the ones that (!) really liked, but the this was about what the kids wanted to do!!

3) Apply a good 4-5 layers if not more – tissue paper after all is thinner that newspaper and will need to be stronger. Take special care to have a thick layer around the edge – as this gives your basket structure later on.

Tissue Paper Mache Easter Crafts

4) Let dry on a plate – prop up if necessary.

5) Once dry, carefully pop your balloon – peel off all the bits and trim your baskets.

6) Then get your embellishments – we used felt and feathers and some pompoms. I cut all the bits out the kids glued them on. This is a time when “cheap acrylic” felt is better, as it is quite stiff and will “stand up”. Better quality felt is quite floppy. If you have floppy felt, just stick a layer of card behind it first. Or use some craft foam instead. Add feathers for wings – or cut wings from felt. The bunnies got pom pom feet and cotton wool tails.

Easy Chicken Easter Basket. This Chick or Hen Easter Basket is a super cute way to decorate the Easter Table or collect Easter Eggs. It is made from recycled tissue paper, so no paint is needed and they are super easy and thrifty to make #easter #easterbasket #chicken #chick #papiermache

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