Easy Easter Basket Crafts for Kids of all Ages

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With Easter Sunday heading our way, it is time for some more super cute Easter Crafts for kids – more specifically, let’s make some Easter Basket Crafts today – these make lovely decorations for the Easter table or fill with Easter treats as gifts for a Easter party hostess. This collection includes Easter basket DIYs for kids of all ages, from preschoolers to older kids! Read on!

Easter Baskets for Kids to Make - cute, easy and fun. Lots of great different ideas to choose from

Looking back over the years, I am pleased to discover that we have made a number of Easter basket crafts and little bowls, that are perfect for either Easter Egg Hunting and filling as you go round, or to hide as a full basket itself to be found (that is how WE used to do it when we were little.. it wasn’t how much you could find.. but you had to find the basket with your name on it!).

Of course many of these little basket ideas, make great gift baskets or table decorations on other occasions too! So each year will like to make easter baskets of some sort of another.

As my kids grow, the variety of our DIY Easter baskets grow too – when they were little it was very much an easter basket idea for toddlers, now they are 6yrs and 8yrs we can get a little more ambitious. And as my son gets older, I need to think of new ways of keeping him engaged and finding basket ideas for boys!

Easter Basket Crafts for Kids

Paper Plate Easter Baskets or Purse for Preschoolers

First up we have these cute little DIY purses for toddlers and preschoolers to make from paper plates. They are made with little handles, so you can take them on your Easter Egg Hunt too!

Easter Basket Crafts - Paper Plates Baskets

First up, we have two little Paper Plate Baskets ideas – they are both super simple, one is a perfect Basket Idea for Preschoolers, the others is just right for older kids (who want something more “grown up”!). I love the little bow added to the basket. Ahd the Paper Plate purse is great for embellishing with stickers and tape -as it is so so easy and kids ADORE decorating these! Once made.. take your paper plate purse and go and see what Easter candies the Easter bunny has left for you to find!

Instead of Easter Basket Crafts make these cute Paper Plate Bunny Purse & Chick Purse - cute easy Easter craft vs2
Choose from Easter Bunny or Easter chick design!

Though these paper plate Easter purses are similar to one of the ones above, I wanted to share them again, as I thought the bunny paper plate and chick paper plate designs are just TOO cute. A perfect little “Easter Basket Crafts idea” to go on a mini egg hunt for sure!

adorable Easter Baskets
Super simple baskets that you can make with or without a template!

From paper plate baskets to “just” paper baskets for Easter! Ahhhh check out these adorable and easy paper baskets – perfect for spring and Easter crafting (though could also be made with hearts to healt Valentine’s Day candy!)

easter basket craft with template
Super simple baskets that you can make with or without a template!

Choose from 6 different printable Easter Baskets. These are SO CUTE! And prefect for filling with shredded paper and chocolate eggs or small Easter Gifts!

Easter Baskets for the Easter table

In this section we have some great Easter basket ideas, that use a bowl (or a balloon) as the basis of your craft. They are fabulous as Easter table decora nd look extra lovely filled with Easter treats! Having said that, we have added a ribbon handle to our Hen Basket in the bast, so you can use it on your Easter Egg hunt too!

Easter Craft Basket - Tissue Paper Mache
Use pastel recycled tissue paper to make these cute paper mache Easter bowls! Love the Easter bunny design too! Aren;t those pom pom feet the cutest?

I love these cute little papier mache hen baskets and bunny baskets – actually, they are “tissue paper mache”, which means there is no painting involved. We used upcycled tissue paper too, so it is a super thrifty eco project whilst you are it. aren’t they adorable? They would look lovely on your Easter brunch table!

Chick Easter Basket - a super easy DIY for kids. Make your own easy paste from store cupboard items and upcycle old tissue paper
Fill with Easter candy and decorate the Easter brunch table!

Similarly.. we were “inspired” by our own craft a couple of years later and made these adorable mini Chick Easter Baskets more recently. They are very similar to the Hen and Bunnies, but just as much fun to make. Love their “cute smaller” size and the kids adored making them. Fill with Easter candy and done! The video on auto play shows you how to make this tissue paper mache basket!

DIY YARN BOWLS - these are so easy to make and great for Spring, Easter or Mother's Day!
Fill with Easter grass to hold your hard boiled eggs on your Easter brunch table

DIY Yarn Bowls – this is a great and simple little craft that kids can make quickly and easily. All you need is yarn or wool and some glue. The kids will adore this craft. We decided to make our yarn bowl in “spring colours” – turning it into a meadow of spring flowers. So cute. So simple. Perfect as an Easter Egg Basket! Just fill with your Easter candies or some eggs and done!

Fabric mache bowl - perfect as an Easter Basket Crafts Ideas too!

Another nifty thrifty Easter basket crafts or bowl idea are these fabric mache bowl DIY. Yep.. pretty much the same technique as paper mache, just a different type of glue and a clever way of layering and you have some great and colourful easter baskets, perfect for hiding in the garden.

Upcycled Easter Basket with Handle

Easter Basket Crafts - Milk Carton Jug Weaving Basket for Easter or Mother's Day
Convert plastic milk jugs into these fabulous woven baskets to fill with Easter goodies!

Here is something a bit different, and definitely a basket craft for older kids – Milk Carton Basket Weaving. A great introduction to weaving for kids, plus a fabulous upcycling project. Awesome Easter Basket Craft for Kids indeed!

Unicorn Basket/ Chick Baskets made from plant pots

We like thinking out of the box.. and Easter baskets, really don’t have to be “baskets” per see.. decorated plant pots also make a fantastic Easter table decoration or a way for kids to collect their Easter candy! We have two cute designs for you here – they wer emade with small plant pots for easy holding, but you could make bigger ones too:

How to make a Unicorn plant pot table decoration

How to make a spring chick plant pot decoration

More quick and simple Easter Basket Ideas

mason jar easter basket

Stacy Claire Boyd has the sweets Mason Jar Easter baskets/ gifts you can make. How simple is it to put these together? Grab your Easter treats and candies, some Easter grass anad ribbons and off you go. They don’ just make great gifts, but they are adorable Easter decorations too! Love!

These Easter cups can be filled with small chocolate eggs and make lovely Easter decor for your table

Finally.. here is a darling Easter Treat Bucket idea, that you can do in less than 5 minutes! Aren’t they CUTE!?

I hope you liked these Easter Basket Crafts.

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