Pirate Crafts & Play Ideas

Many people ask me what we “do” with “all our crafts”! I understand that keeping and storing of “things” can be a bit tricky.. but my first and foremost answer is always – we PLAY WITH THEM. The majority of our crafts have a purpose – whether it is a useful (like a little bowl for keys) or loveable (a cuddly toy of sorts) or FUN… fun for playing with. Today, we wanted to share some of our favourite PIRATE CRAFTS that the kids STILL like to play with – some we have had for years (Like the Cardboard Pirate Ship) others we make again and again as and when needed (like the cork boat pirate ships), others, admittedly look a bit worse for wear (like our TP Roll Pirate Characters), but that is ok by me.. they have been loved and played with and that is all that matters.

If your child is really “into” something, a really fun way to stimulate play and creativity is to combine your crafts and toys with some room decor. It was fascinating to see, quite how into pirate play my two got, when I rolled out the kids’ new “pirate map play rug”. Brilliant.

Pirate Craft and play ideas
Pirate Ships - Cork Boat craft for kids

Pirate Cork Boats – these are super quick and easy to make – you will quickly have a whole FLEET to play with!


This is a super fun and relatively easy Cardboard Box Pirate Ship – we made it a few years ago now and we still very much love to play with it!


Make your own Pirate Treasure Box out of an egg carton! Then fill with golden shells and pearls.

pirate line up!

Let’s make some adorable Pirate Finger Puppets! How cute are this set of ship mates?!

Check out these super cute Pirate Finger Puppets! Just so fun and easy to make!

Pirate Play - make your own TP Roll Mermaid for Mermaid cove

Pop a Paper Tube Mermaid onto your play scene.. and youhave a Mermaid Cove all ready for a pirate invasion. mermaid-clothespeg

Alternatively these little Mermaid Peg Dolls are fun to make too!

treasure map craft

You can always create your own Treasure Map (make it match your play rug for extra fun)

Pirate ship

Or let the kids get inventive with their own simple Pirate Boats.

pirate craft ideas

Treasure AND a princess? Brilliant. Make your own Pirate (and Princess) TP Roll People!


If you want to take your pirate play a step further, check out this great Pirate Ship Photo Prop! Fun for parties and play!

Pirate Map - Pirate Pretend Play

I hope you have enjoyed some of our pirate crafts and that you plan to have a go!!!!

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