Chinese New Year for Kids – Paper Snake


Snake craft ideas

Just before Christmas Pip Squeak discovered her love for Paper Chains! We were visiting a friend who has some fabulously shiny, pre cut and with a self adhesive! Perfect for small toddler hands. So we made a fun chain… and with Chinese New Year approaching, I thought another simple snake craft for kids would be great – so we made some paper chain snakes (we have some more Chinese New Year’s Crafts for you to explore, do take a peak!). It took us 10min or so, with very little set up time but a very happy Pip Squeak at the end. I think I will offer to do these with Red Ted’s class once school starts again.

Chinese New Year Craft for Preschoolers

Materials: Red or green paper (or whatever colour you want really), a glue stick or sticky tape, googly eyes & glue, scissors

Preschooler Chinese New Year

1) I cut strips out for Pip Squeak (3yrs). She threaded them through each other, then I held the loop for her, passed her some tape and she taped them all shut. I used tape, as I thought it would be easier for Pip Squeak to manage. I think with slightly older kids I would use the glue stick. I am not sure she could make this totally by herself, but I was impressed at how much better she was getting at inserting, turning and adding the tape.

Chinese New Years Crafts for kids

2) For the head I cut strip twice as wide. Then we glued on googly eyes and taped on a red tongue.

Chinese New Year crafts for kids - year of the Snake

And done! Such a quick and easy Chinese New Year craft! Very cute. Of course you can make snakes at any time of year.. They would be great for practicing your S letter – especially as you can nicely make the shape “S” with your snake.