Fun Snake Activities and Crafts for Kids

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Looking for some Snake Ideas and Snake Activities for kids? Look no further, here is a fun set of slitherly snakes to make at home or in the classroom. These are wonderful educational snake resources to make with kids of all ages. They would make wonderful Year of the Snake 2025 craft too – especially if you adapt the colour schemes to fit with Chinese New Year.

Easy Snake Craft Ideas

Simple Snake Crafts for Kids

Grab your craft supplies and let’s take a look at these fascinating creatures and make some wonderful and simple snake crafts for kids.

Year of the Snake 2025

The last time we had the Year of the Snake was in 2013. And it 2025 finally is the Year of the Snake again. And the next year will 2037! So now is a fun time to have a go at those snake crafts! Though of course you can make these DIY Snakes whenever you fancy!

The natural element for a snake is fire! And with 2025 being a Wood Year, this is a particularly strong year for snakes.

Lucky Year of the Snake colours include, bright yellow, purple, white or gold!

Paper Snake Crafts (some with snake printables too!)

Let’s start of with some fun paper snake crafts – I love paper crafts for kids, as paper tends to be more widely accessible and there is a lot you can do with just printer paper. But of course some colored paper is fun too. Grab your scissors, felt tip pens and glue sticks, and let’s take a look at these paper snakes and snake craft printables!

Printable Snake Paper Puppet a super Fun Snake Craft (printable template)

First up, we have a wonderful paper snake puppet printable – this is part of a large set of Chinese New Year Zodiac puppets OR Jungle Puppets. It is super cute and so easy to make..I love that fun tongue hanging out of it’s mouth too. it really is one of our favourite snake craft printables and a great little paper snake craft to start you off.

3d jungle animals

3d Snake Coloring Page

Again, part of a wider set of Chinese New Year coloring pages or as et of 3 Jungle Animal Coloring Pages, this is a super fun little 3d snake coloring page. We particularly love combining art mediums when making these 3d animal coloring pages – watercolors for the backgrounds and vibrant felt tip pens for the 3d animal itself. So cute!

Paper Chain Snake Craft for Preschoolers – lovely decorations

Of course paper chains are perfect for snake making! And what preschooler doesn’t love a paper chain. It is wonderful for dexterity and fine motor skills and you can make them as long or as short as you wish! Paper Chain Snakes, really are a must for anyone exploring snake crafts with their kids! And we did indeed first make these back in 2013 for Chinese New Year. All these years later, and it is time to make some more lovely snake paper chains. So fun. I would probably replace the googly eyes with fun cut out paper eyes this time round.

Colorful Accordion Snakes made from Paper

Similar to the paper chain snakes, but different – are these wonderful colorful accordion paper snake craft by Craftiments. Accordion folds are wonderful paper folding techniques for kids and a great way to get fine motor skills hones. I love that you can use a variety of paper strips to create fantastic different color combinations. They make fantastic snake bodies. So fun.

3d Paper Snake Sculptures (with free Template)

Or how about some of these 3d Paper Snake Sculptures from Pink Stripey Socks! Aren’t they gorgeous? Love that it comes with a free snake template for you to grab too! This would look great in Year of the Snake/ Chinese New Year colors too, don’t you think?

Snake Corner Bookmark Design

DIY Snake Bookmark Corner – make these in a variety of different colors

And how about a snake corner bookmark based on the classic origami bookmark? We really do have a corner bookmark for all occasions and of course had to make a DIY Snake Bookmark corner too! Again, this is a wonderful stand alone snake craft, your can make the whole set of Zodiac Animal Bookmarks. Follow our easy steps and make your own snake bookmark today.

DIY Snake Activities recycled or nature materials

These are particularly fun as Snake Craft for toddlers and preschoolers! Some great hidden fine motor skills to develope and practice.

toilet roll snakes

Easy Toilet Roll Snake Craft for kids – a great take on the paper spiral snake

Again, this toilet Roll Snake Craft is a wonderful blast for the bast for us.. as we made it back in 2013 for the last Year of the Snake! My kids where toddlers then and we had such a fun time painting the paper rolls in yellows and reds and then turning them into these cute spiral snakes. A great bit of cutting practice with some googly eyes to finish them off! Super easy and fun. And of course perfect for any young snake enthusiast!

snake craft

Conker Snake Activity – Turn conkers into large nature beads

One my favourite nature activities or nature crafts of all time for little hands – the conker snake it is essentially a nature bead snake! Actually, I lie, I pretty much LOVE the leaf lanterns too, so I think it is neck and neck between these two crafts… BUT, i do ADORE the conker snakes! I love crafting with conkers (lots of childhood memories there), I love how tactile conkers are and these conker snakes make great fidget toys for that reason… AND.. if you are cheeky you can add some counting (number bonds up to 10) and “sizing” (order the conkers by size before threading) activities too. And yes of course – threading – what a great fine motor activity. I love that the tongue is made by knotting the double layered yarn into a tongue shape too. I mean, what is NOT TO LOVE about these nature snakes. Right? As conkers are “only” about in Autumn, this maybe isn’t your best Year of the Snake activity, but you must still make one in 2025!

craft stick snakes

Easy Popsicle Stick Snake Bookmarks

Another quick and easy snake craft, are these popsicle stick snakes – we always keep our ice lolly sticks (washed and dried of course) and the kids have easy access for playing and crafting with them. One time, we made these oh so simple craft stick snake bookmarks (and funny little men!). They were quick and easy and fun! These would be a brilliant little party craft if you are having a Jungle themed Party or a Snake Party!! Don’t you think? I think young kids will love these. Such an easy craft project.

Fibre Art Snakes

I say fibre art snakes, because I don’t know what else to group these under. Ha. Yarn and fabric snakes? Recycled snakes (fabric) or simply yarn art.. hey.. it doesn’t really matter.. just make sure you have a go!

Finger Knitted Snake Craft

We love love love Finger Knitting! And have a variety of finger knitting projects for you on website already. I particularly love this cute Finger Knitted Snake! We doubled up some thread for some variety and then had a go at “increase” and “decreasing” knitting stitches to form the head. So fun!

DIY Snake Draft Excluder

Another classic project – that introduces sewing skills for children is to make recycled draught excluders from old fabrics or tights! In our case, we also used a bit of sponge printing to decorate the snakes.. but a stripey pair of tights would make a wonderful snake draught excluder as is!

Frugal Fun with Neck Tie Snake a Recycled Project

Another great sewing project for kids, is to recycle neck ties into fun snake pets! Super frugal fun, if you use old ties, stuffing from cushions and buttons for snake eyes! A wonderful classic craft for old neck ties from the thrift store. The crafty mummy actually used craft glue, but as you can see on Sewing School, a few handy stitches work just as well and encourages your kids to practice sewing!

Easy Button Snake for finger strength and fine motor skills

Mamaguru shows us the benefits of making a button snake – not only is it a simple and colorful snake activity for preschoolers, but it allows little kiddo to practice “buttoning” skills!

Snake bread

Snake Bread or Saltdough Snakes

One year tghe kids and I had a go at making ourselves a Halloween Afternoon Tea.. and that included making some simple bread snakes. Obviously, you could take these as inspiration (and paint in wonderfully bright colours) and make them as salt dough snakes? We have a great DIY Saltdough recipe here!

I hope you have enjoyed our collection of different types of snake-themed crafts and that you and your children have lots of fun making some of these fun slithering amphibians.. be it for the love snakes, for amphibian lesson plans, to develop fine motorskills or celebrate the Year of the Snake for Chinese New Year! Watch this space for more snake DIY ideas to come.

Happy Snake Crafting!

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