Easy Cookie Monster Rice Crispy Treat Recipe

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Nom nom nom. Time for a Tasty Cookie Monster Rice Cripsy Treat! These Cookie Monsters, were part of our Halloween Tea Party last year. They aren’t really that Halloween-y, save for that they are monsters.. but you know… the idea came to me and we just HAD to run with it. And as with most chocolate rice cripsy treats, they are pretty easy to make! We love cute Monster Crafts for Preschoolers! So fun.

Cookie Monster Rice Crispy Treats

I think these Cookie Monster Treats would be perfect for any Monster Party, preschooler Birthday Party or like we had them – as part our Halloween Party Food. You can probably make some Elmo’s to go with them too.

Though we used Rice Cripies to make these treats, I think you could make them using cornflakes too! Also, we used white chocolate and (a good quality) food colouring, though I reckon candy melts (which however are more expensive) would look amazing! I like the “thriftiness” of our version to be honest. But it is totally up to you.

I invested in some good quality food colouring when I made our first Rainbow Cake YEARS ago – in fact about 7yrs ago! And have only just replaced the red and the yellow food dyes. So though they look more expensive (around £3 per tiny pot), they do really last and are by far more superior than any liquid food colour! Totally worth the investment.

To make your Rice Crispy Cookie Monsters you will need:

This made about 14 cookie monsters:

  • a bar of white cooking chocolate
  • blue food colouring (i added a couple of “nibs” off a knife)
  • rice crispies (we probably used 1/3 of a packet – but it is a kind of “until it feels right thing)
  • Cupcake cases
  • White chocolate buttons
  • Milk chocolate (for the pupils
  • Maryland type cookies (cut in half)
  • A heat proof bowl and pan of water
Cookie Monster Rice Crispy Treats

How to make Cookie Monster Rice Crispy Treat

Put all your cupcake casses in a muffin tray.

half cookies

Cut some cookies in half and put them aside.

melt your chocolate

Melt your white chocolate in a bowl, over a pan of hot water – I always find – best to remove the bowl “earlier” than you think. Keep stirring, the hot sides will keep melting the chocolate. You don’t want to overheat the chocolate.

Add a couple of nibs of blue food dye. Keep stirring.

NOTE: I have NOT tried this with liquid food dye and do not recommend doing it. The liquid food dye MAY interfer with the chocolate’s consistency and prevent it from hardening again.

Alternatives: as mentioned above, blue candy melts would work wonderfully too.

add your rice crispies

Once the white chocolate has melted and has fully mixed with the blue colour, pour in the rice crispies. Add them bit by bit. Until they all look well covered and there isn’t too much excess chocolate.

Using a spoon. Spoon “half” the amount you think you will need into a cupcake case.

Place the cookie on top – towards the edge.

Add the second “half” of the rice cripy mix on top.

Add some white chocolate buttons.

Finish all your Cookie Monsters.

add eye balls

Then heat up a little milk chocolate on a plate (I did this in the microwave, but you can do it in another bowl and pan of water). One square of chocolate is plenty.

With a tooth pick add the pupils to the eyes.

let the rice crispies set

Let set fully and you have made your Cookie Monster Rice Crispy Treats!!! YUM!!!

And here are our cookie monster treats as part of our Halloween Tea Party:

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