DIY Cork Koala Ornament for Christmas


Spontaneous crafts are the best? Don’t you think? Those of you that follow Red Ted Art closely, will know that I LOVE making Cork Ornaments for the Christmas Tree! What I love even more, is making an ornament out of a cork that has meaning… like tthis DIY Cork Koala Ornament does!

Cork Koala Ornament

The best way to get crafty with a wine or champagne cork is to use a cork from a special event! Then be sure to gift it back to someone from that event. Recently, we had to say goodbye to some Australian friends. During the covid crisis of 2020, they became part of our neighbourhood community and we got to know each other well (all be it with rather a lot of “social distancing”). It is amazing what bonds you can create 2m apart.

Our final evening together was before “lockdown 2”, on a chilly November night – sitting – in their front garden.. 3 of us.. wrapped in jumpers, scarves and coats (and of course 2m apart). We successfully quaffed a significant amount of bubbly. And even more surprising.. I was able to rescue the corks in the dark and keep them safe for spontaneous crafting later that week.

Koala Christmas Ornament

2020 was a weird year. But whatever people say, it wasn’t without its bonuses and many great moments. Friendship were formed, bonds where strengthen, the community came together (ok, it is getting cheesy now, shall I will stop). But I think you catch my drift.

So. To commemorate my Australian friends’ return down under, I grab the champagne corks and turned them into, what I hope you will agree, these super duper cute DIY Cork Koala Ornaments for the Christmas Tree.

What you need to make your own Koala Cork Decorations

  • a cork per koala
  • grey paint (or black and white paint)
  • a little wire (to create the hanger)
  • glue
  • grey pom poms (or some grey felt)
  • ribbon for hanging and the collar
  • optional – a little bell – ours was recycled I think from some Lindt chocolate, I am always saving these kinds of things! I have no idea where it came from

If you don’t have a little bell like we did, you can add other Christmassy elements – e.g. make a felt holly leaves and berries and glue them near the heart or by one of the ears.

Koala Ornament DIY

How to make a Cork Koala Decoration

Apologies.. I didn’t take step photos.. I was too busy making. But I promise you, these are a super duper easy make.. and the description should be enough! I will also “borrow” some step photos from previous Cork Ornaments that I have made to illustrate any necessary steps!

Creating the hanger

Add your hanging hooks – this also means you have something to “hold” whilst painting your corks. I used a little bit of metal wire, that I twisted. Then poked a hole with my wire cutter into the top of the cork.

Dipped the twisted wire in glue and pushed it into the cork! Let dry.

Next, you can paint the cork a medium grey! I just took some white acrylic paint and added a little black.

I then added a little more white and also painted a tummy.

Finally, once all the gey pait was dry, I added a large Koala nose and some small eyes in black. You can use a black posca pen or even a sharpie if it easier. But a fine paint brush should work too!

Next, I was going to add some felt ears (a bit like with my TP Roll Koala). But then remembered that I had some fun pom poms. I checked for grey ones.. and lucky me, I had enough grey sparkly pom poms for 2 koalas.

Cork Koala Christmas Ornament

I hot glued the pom poms on.

Finally, I had a rummage for some Christmas Koala accessories and found some mini bells and red ribbon.

I hot glued these into place too. And then added the remaining red ribbon for hanging.

Ta daaaa. And done.

Actually.. not totally done, I added a “London 2020” as a little keepsake reminder, that both London and 2020 weren’t actually that bad!

The Koalas then each went to one friend from our goodbye evening!

Koala Corks

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