Easy Handprint Poppy Wreath for Remembrance Day

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A lovely Remembrance Day Activity for Preschoolers and Kids – make this super lovely Handprint Poppy Wreath.

Handprint Poppy Wreath
Wonderful Handprint Poppies!

Aimee shared this on the Corona Parents Lockdown Group! I thought it was so lovely that I asked if I could share it here with you on Red Ted Art! Aimee said yes! Thank you so much for allowing me to share this wonderful activity! She also has created some wonderful Remembrance Day Window Displays, that you may like to see!

To make your Handprint Poppy Wreath you will need:

  • Paper or light card
  • Red and black paint
  • Your hands
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Laminator

Optional – you may wish to use some recycled card or a paper plate as a base to help strengthen the wreath, but it isn’t stricyly necessary!

How to make a Handprint Poppy Wreath:

Handprint Poppies, detail

What I love about this wreath, is that it is very much a together project. But mum and daughter created the poppies to go on this wreath – the large hands on the outside and the smaller ones layered on the inside. You can make this a “family affair” or work in groups in the classroom to make this wreath. Or if you wish, you can simply use your child’s hand only.

First make lots of red handprints on your paper. You can either wait for your handprints to fully dry or already add your black centres. I like how on Aimee’s hands the black blends a little with the red, giving it that arty water colour look. So it is a question of preference when to add the black.

Once you have added your black poppy flower centres, let dry fully.

Pass them through the laminator, to stiffen then card and protect them from the weather (it is rather wet and windy at the moment). Alternatively, you can laminate the hands AFTER you have cut them out – but it means more cutting! Depends on your type of laminator!

You can now cut your hands out. I love how effective this poppy wreaths, with the wide boarders around the poppy handprints. You don’t have to spend ages cutting the hands out in detail, a rough cut looks super effective and is easy to do).

Handprint Poppy Wreath
This is a lovely Remembrance Day for your Front Door

Arrange your hands into a wreath – withe handprint fingers pointing outwards.

As mentioned above, you can glue them onto some recycled cardboard or you can simply stick them to each other.

Again, let the glue dry fully!

Handprint Poppy Wreath
Such a gorgeous Handprint Poppy Wreath!

Your wreath is ready for hanging! Isn’t it lovely?!

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