Toilet Paper Roll Koala Craft for Kids


We LOVE Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids – they are a plenty and surprisingly versatile. As we love this craft material so much – especially for younger children, who can craft all day long and use up HUGE amounts of craft supplies in a short period of time!  Over the years, I have made a variety of Toilet Roll Crafts.. but recently we have been focussing on a set of Toilet Roll Animal Crafts. A couple of weeks ago, I shared our Toilet Paper Roll Dragon Fly Craft.. today we have an adorable Toilet Paper Roll Koala Craft! I hope you like this little easy Koala Craft as much as we do!

Toilet Paper Roll Koala Crafts for Kids - we are exploring the ABC with this K for Koala TP Roll Craft. Just too cute. Love TP Rolls, Love Koalas. The perfect combination. Great TP Roll Animal DIYs on this page. Check out the TP Roll Koala today! #koala koalacraft #crafts #tprolls #tioletpaperolls #cardboardtubes #australia
First shard in Jan 2020 in aid of the Australia Bushfire recovery charities

The a simple worksheet is now available in my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store.

Crafting with Toilet Paper Rolls

What to do with Empty Toilet Paper Rolls?

Well.. put very simply CRAFT with them!! However, we will soon put togethe more wonderful empty toilet paper roll uses ideas.. but we particularly love to use empty toilet paper rolls for kids crafts. As they are plentiful, cheap (well free) and surprisingly versatile! We do also like using empty toilet paper rolls for toilet paper roll crafts for adults (such as giant snowflakes) and for gardening (check out our super easy toilet paper roll seedling pots). Toilet paper rolls also make great desk organisers.. and using a bit of imagination you can use them in the classroom for teaching (e.g. Toilet Paper Roll Watches) too!

How do I craft with Toilet Paper Rolls?

The key thing to remember when craft with Toilet Paper Rolls, is that there are lots of different ways to use it. You can stick things on, you can cut things out and use them as flaps, you can stick tip rolls together or you can cut them up into little pieces and then stick them back together again. You can add sticks as legs or have animals with “no legs” that still look cute. You can connect to marionettes, or keep them simple as one tp roll wonders. We hope that this series doesn’t only inspire you to  make some super fun ABC Animals, but also gets you to look at a toilet paper roll in a whole new way – and see the wide and varied potential.

The other thing to note – is though we frequently use paint in our animal crafts – you can leave your tp rolls plain – often has a great rustic looking effect, or you can replace paint with paper/ gift wrap/ tissue paper or felt – whatever craft medium takes your fancy and suits your needs. This applies to these us extras such as googly eyes – stick them on, or don’t and you will have a different “final” effect animal. We also like using masking tape (vs ordinary tape), as you can easily paint over masking tape with most paints.

Where can I buy empty toilet paper rolls?

Personally, we always collect our own Toilet Paper Rolls.. you can also substitue toilet rolls with Kitchen Towel Rolls (great for bigger projects too). Alternatively, these kind of online shops do sell sturdy toilet paper rolls for crafting too!

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TP Roll Koala Bear

The TP Roll Koala Bear is an example of where you shape the toilet roll without the need for cutting it. It is also an example of how an animal craft can look finished, even though you haven’t added all the details – in this case the arms and legs.

Materials per TP Roll Koala:

  • 1 TP Roll
  • Paint
  • A little grey and black felt (though cardboard, or another painted TP Roll cut apart can be used)
  • Pen
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Clothes pegs

To Make your Toilet Paper Roll Koala:

The basic Toilet Paper Roll Koala shape

First paint your Toilet Paper Roll grey to give you that lovely Koala grey. If you are not using felt, you may choose to paint a second Toilet Paper Roll in a light grey and a bit of black for cutting apart in the next step. Let your Toilet Paper roll(s) dry fully and then move on to the next step. If you don#t want to use paint (which I totally understand!), experiment with wrapping the Toilet Paper roll in grey paper or light grey material to create the body of your Toilet Paper Roll Koala??

Now that your grey tp roll is dry, you can cut out some felt ears, a tummy and big black nose. As mentioned, you can use the 2nd TP roll cardboard for this too.

As per the photo above squeeze the top of your TP Roll together and push the sides in at the same time. This will shape your TP Roll Koala’s head.

Insert the felt ears, into the sides that you pushed in. Apply lots of glues to ears and the top of the head and secure with clothes pegs whilst it dries. You will have to be a little patient and wait for this stage to dry. Alternatively you can use a hot glue gun, which does speed up this step in the making of your toilet paper roll koala!

Adding the details to the Toilet Paper Roll Koala

Whilst the ears dry, you can already glue on your tummy and nose and add some beady eyes in black pen to your Koala Craft.

Your Toilet Paper Roll Koala is DONE!!!

As you know we are a GREAT fan of Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids – and have MANY MORE easy TP Roll crafts and ideas for you here – grouped into handy categories for easy browsing!

I hope you love these Toilet Paper for Kids as much as we do.. and that you see that we have some great Toilet Paper for all seasons and interests!!