2024 Countdown Clock Printable for New Year’s Eve

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Oh my, we have a super duper LOVELY 2024 Countdown Clock Printable for you! This was created in partnership with the lovely Hattifant (who has a beautiful Mandala Countdown Clock version for you too).

We love New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve celebrations for kids. So this year, we go together to bring you a fabulous set of New Year’s Eve Activities for kids.. keep them busy during those fun, but oh so loooong hours counting down to the New Year.

Countdown Clock 2024

And we are quite aware, that the grown ups may like a little glass of bubbly or two.. so we have broght together what we hope is a wonderful set of Coutdown Activities to keep you all happy. Kicking things off, is this fabulous 2024 Countdown Clock Printable for New Year’s Eve!

Check out our New Year’s Eve Count Down Activity posts for kids – add each activity to your clock face below!

Combine these with our fun New Year’s Eve Activities Round Up or New Year’s Eve Traditions and get New Year’s Eve sorted..

These Countdown Clocks for New Year’s are super easy to make and so fun. We have created two types – one counting down from mid day – with hourly New Year’s Eve activities and ideas.. the other a “blank” version – so you can add you own 12 unit count down – start at say 6pm and go down in half hours – 6:30pm, 7pm, 7:30pm etc….


Fill your countdown clock with great activities such as our Printable New Year’s Eve Garland

New Year’s Eve Countdown Clock 2024 – Materials

2019 Countdown Clock for New Years Eve #newyearseve #printable #kids #countdown #nye #newyearseve2018
  • Your countdown clock printable (both 2024 and Happy New Year)
  • Pens, crayons, pencils to decorate
  • Scissors
  • A little tape
  • Confettit to decorate (optional!!) – we used some confetti stars

This is a freebie – simply add $0 at check out!!

How to make your Countdown Clock for 2024

Watch our handy countdown clock video and you will see how quick and easy it is to make this clock!! Or follow the step by step instructions below!

Remember you have two choice – make a “round clock” or leave the main clock in your A4 sheet of paper and decorate around it. I think both are lovely in different ways.

  1. Begin by colouring your different clock parts – the little rectangle, can be left blank as it forms part of the mechanism to secure the clock at the back. Remember you can decorate your whole cover sheet or just the clock itself. Your choice.

OPTIONS: you can use the Countdown Clock Face to add activity ideas and as you approach a new hour or unit, you move onto the next activity – e.g. make a family time capsule  or have fun with a DIY New Year’s Eve Photo Booth (more on this to come!!)

The 2024 Countdown Clock is now available!
  1. Cut our your sheet two – so the “Happy New Year” dial and the rectangle. If you wish cut out the main face too (but not necessary).
Countdown Clock for New Years Eve #newyearseve #printable #kids #countdown #nye #newyearseve2018
  1. Cut along the red line in both your Countdown Clock Face and the New Year’s dial.
  1. Slote the New Year’s Dial INTO the Countdown Clock Face.
  1. Then align the rectangle with the “end of your dial” and tape in place. This will prevent your dial from slipping out.
Countdown Clock for New Years Eve #newyearseve #printable #kids #countdown #nye #newyearseve2018
2024 Countdown Clock Printables now available for the New Year!

Finished. Yep.. it really is that easy. Your 2024 Countdown Clock is ready for use!

Now hop over to Hattifant to see her gorgeous Mandala Countdown Clocks.. and her SUPER Fun Kids’ Wristwatch Countdown Clocks.. so cute

Countdown Clock for New Years Eve #newyearseve #printable #kids #countdown #nye #newyearseve2018

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