2024 New Year’s Eve Party Hat Printables

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Today we have some Printable DIY Party Hats for New Year’s Eve – both a 2024 Party Hat Printable and a more generic New Year’s Eve Party Hat Printable.. so you can use these printables in this year, as well as in years to come. You will love our Countdown Activities for kids!

Our New Year’s Eve Countdown planning continues. If you love New Year’s Eve but need a set of fun but EASY New Year’s Eve activities for kids.. keep reading.

The DIY Party Hats are quick and easy to make and sport a cheeky and fun DIY Pom Pom too (we have a number of great Pom Pom making methods for you to check out) and they are a great addition to our Countdown Clock Printable shared earlier in the week. They would also look great combined with our New Year’s Eve Photo props.

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These go super duper well with Hattifant’s New Year’s Eve Crowns!

This post has been updated with the 2024 Party Hat Printables – both to colour your own and “ready coloured”!

We have some decorate and colour your own party hats for both “HAPPY NEW YEAR” and “Happy 2024″… as well as some super cute:

… print and assemble Party Hats with a gorgeous star and watercolour motif – again for both “HAPPY NEW YEAR” and “Happy 2024”.

2024 New Year’s Eve Party Hat Printables – Materials

2019 New Year's Eve Party Hat Printables - Use the templates to decorate your own or choose from our ready made party hats. Such a fun New Year's Eve Printable and activity for kids. The template can be used for any diy Party too! #newyears #newyearseve #party #partyhats #printable #templates #kids #newyearseve2019
Party hats with dates for 2024 or plain available

Your New Year’s Eve Party Hat Printables – you have a choice of:

  • Decorate your own party hat – Happy New Year
  • Decorate your own/ cut and assemble your blue, yellow and rose hats + coloring page – 2024

Get ALL your 2024 Party Hat Printables here – simply add $0+ at check out for your freebie

I like to print my hats on light cardstock to give it a bit more structure.

In addition you will need:

  • Wool for pom pom (you can use lametta too and make tassles)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Some elastic of fitting it around you head

DIY New Year’s Eve Party Hats for 2024

Making your pom poms for your printable party hats!

I would start by making your Pom Poms! Be sure to leave a nice long piece of wool attached to your pom pom as we will use that to secure it your Party Hat later.

We have two favourite Pom Pom making techniques:

You can always make the pom poms “ahead of time” and let your kids colour and assemble on the day!

Today, I share you the finger pom pom making technique – I love the look of these “scraggily pom poms” for the New Year’s Eve Party hats:

Begin by placing a strand (15-20cm) of wool between your ring finger and your middle finger – you will need this to tie the pom pom off later.

Wrap LOTS of wool around your four fingers.. it ends up bunching up your fingers a little…

Then take the “loose” strand and tie it all together and slide off your fingers:

I find it easier to make the final know once it is off my hand.

Cut open the loops with your siccors.

You can then trim the pom pom a little.. be sure to LEAVE the tying strands as you will need these again in a moment…

Making your DIY Party Hat for New Year’s Eve

Begin by decorating your hats – use pens, pencils, crayons, watercolours, stickers, sequence.. whatever you fancy!!! We used highlighter pens!

Let dry fully.

Cut out.

Add a little tape to one side of the had. Twist the cone and secure on the other side. You can also glue this bit instead of tape it.

You should now have a cone!!

Thread your Pom Pom threads through the top of your hat (if need be, you can snip a little of the hat off and make the opening bigger.

Pull on the string to make it nice and tight and tape in place.

Finally tape some elastic to the sides of your hat for wearing..

Done!! That was easy, wasn’t it?

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These have also been updated for 2023!

Party Crown by Hattifant

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