Craft Stick Paper Stars

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So, this post today is a joint effort by one of my readers (Katie H), our sister site Fun Crafts Kids and my Youtube channel….. and combined we made these wonderful little Craft Stick Stars – don’t they look adorable? I love Katie’s photos of them displayed on her window and how these little tissue paper stars throw a wonderful shadow over their dining room table come the afternoon. Simply grogeous little stars indeed. I think these craft stick stars would look wonderful all year round – but are especially effective in the run up to Christmas (yes!! I said the C-word in June.. sorry!! But I LOVE Christmas and I think these make wonderful Christmas Stars too..).

Craft Stick Stars - by Red Ted Art reader Katie

Basically, the lovely Katie, made these stars, after I shared this Fun Crafts Kids post on my Facebook page. She was then kind enough to send us her wonderful photos and agree to me sharing them with you here today. (Check out the Star Shadows below)

Craft Stick Craft Stars - Suncatchers

I then decided that I wanted to have a go at the Craft Stick Stars myself.. and that our YouTube Channel would be a GREAT PLACE for them. So I did..

You may also like this variation on the craft stick stars – using more “traditional” popsicle sticks:

popsicle stick star ornaments

To Make your Craft Stick Stars, you will need:

  • Craft Sticks – long thin ones are best (*cough* a bit like the coffee stirrers you get)
  • Tissue paper (we upcycled ours)
  • PVA glue or hot glue gun (to assemble the star shaped frame)
  • Glue stick (or PVA) for the tissue paper
  • Scissors

Check our our Craft Stick Stars How To here:

Aren’t they simply lovely?!

Craft Stick Star Shadow - by Red Ted Art reader KatieAnd to finish off.. the Craft Stick Stars shadows!! GORGEOUS!

Thank you Katie H for sharing you wonderful photos with us!