Daily Creativity: Mix Media


You may have seen some of our “Daily Creativity” posts before – they are simple posts showing different but VERY SIMPLE ways that you can nurture and develop the creativity in your children. The idea is to do things regularly – but simple. So that you don’t tear your hair out worrying about “set up” or “mess”. Just simple ways to let your children explore and learn on their own terms. You will find, that often, the kids settled  down to happy exploration, leaving you time, to work, do chores or cook supper!

Examples of previous ideas: leaf rubbings, printing, cutting practice, cloud spotting, ice colour theory

Recently my kids came up with these adorable Leaf Faces which really made me smile. It was all their own idea and they were occupied for quite some time. Leaving me to get on with some work.

Mixed Media

Here is an example of exploring “Mix Media”. We received some crafty odds and sods and Pip Squeak (then just turned 3 – yes, it has taken me almost a year to share it with you), straight away wanted to do some snipping and cutting. Then she decided to stick it all on a piece of paper. And THEN asked whether she could pain too. Fabulous. She got to practice her cutting skills, she got to experiment with stick (what glue sticks what to what? e.g. a glue stick works well on paper, but not so good on plastic) AND got to explore what happened to the water colours as she painted OVER the paper and the plastic.

So… today, I challenge you to dig out any odds and ends, get out some paper and glue and see what your child will create. This is also a great way to “use up” and odds and ends and tidy up your craft store!