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2024 is the year of the Paris Olympic Games! And with that we are looking for fun activities to involve the kids. So today, we have a simple art activity for the Paris Olympic Games 2024! Get your students to design their own medals and trophies.

Celebrate the Olympic Games 2024 with a simple art project

Olympic Games Activity - Design Your Own Medal and Trophy Art Project

This simple resources can be used for the Summer Olympic Games, Winter Olympic Games or any sporting events!

The Olympic Medal is of course a big part of any Olympic Games. Every four years the host country spends a significant amount of time designing and creating their sporting medals to make them unique and special!

How many medals are awarded at the Olympic Games?

At the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games a total of 340 GOLD medals were award – compared to 307 award in Rio in 2016! That is a LOT of Olympic Medals. This is the highest number of gold medals to date! And as new sports and disciplines are regularly added, this number may grow further. You can see Medal growth over time here.

It is eastimated that approximately 36,600 medals that have been awarded since Athens in 1896!

Fun Fact about the Paris Medals

Did you know that the Paris Olympic Games Medals contain a piece of scrap metal from the Eiffel Tower?! How cool is that!

Key stats behind the Paris 2024 medals (source: Olympics)

  • 5,084 medals produced
  • 85mm in diameter
  • 9.2mm thick
  • 18g of iron from the Eiffel Tower
  • 529g: the weight of the gold medal
  • 525g: the weight of the silver medal
  • 455g: the weight of the bronze medal

I would LOVE to see your work

Having a go at this “Design Your Own Medal” art activity with your kids or students, I would LOVE to see your work and feature your photos here on Red Ted Art! Either email me on info at red ted art dot com OR tag me Instagram with your photos!

This is a simple 2 page resource:

1) Simple medal outline – encourage the students to design the medal AND the medal straps

2) Simple trophy outline

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