Olympics 2024! Fun Olympics Crafts and Ideas for Kids

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2024 not only is a leap year, but it is also the year of the Olympics. The Olympics 2024 will be held in Paris. The Olympic Games is probably one of the biggest and most well known sporting event in the world – yes, there are others in racing, golfing and tennis – but nothing quite captures the hearts and minds of people as the Olympics.

Olympics Kids’ Activities and Ideas!

Olympics crafts & activities We love celebrating the Olympics and as the kids get older they are really excited about watching the Olympics and doing more Olympic Crafts and activities. #winterolympics #olympics

This year the Paris Olympic Games 2024 will be on the 26th July 2024 until the 11th August 2024. We have collated some fabulous Olympic ideas for kids of all ages. We have some fun Olympic crafts, some Olympic activities and even some Olympic treats!

Classic Olympic Kids’ Themes to explore

The Olympics is full of symbolisms – which are great for Olympic craft inspiration – be sure to include these themes in your Olympic activities:

The Olympic 5 Interlocking Rings

Designed in 1912, when the present day Olympics were established – the 5  represents the five parts of the world who support the Olympics. The colours blue, black, red, yellow, green on a white background representing all the colours on the flags of the supporting nations (at that time).

The Olympic Games Torch & Flame Relay

A tradition started in at the Berlin Olympics in 1936 – the torch is lit at the site of the Ancient Olympics – Olympia (Greece) and relayed to the site of the current Olympics of the course of several months. Carried by athletes, politicians and ordinary people.

Of course the Olympic Medals

As per many sporting events, the are medals for the top 3 winners – gold, silver and bronze.

And the Olympic Kotinos (or wreath)

In the Ancient Olympic games, there were no medals and only one winner. This winner was decorated by a horse shoe shaped wreath made from olive branches made from a sacret tree near the temple of Zeus.

World Flags participating Olympic Games Countries

A great theme to explore when looking at Olympic Activities for Kids, is of course world flags or specific country flags. The Olympics brings the whole world together to compete.. and it is a wonderful opportunity to learn about different countries. Begin by looking at their flags and make some!

Finally the Olympic Games Mascots

Mascots were first introduced in the 1968 Winter Olympics held in France. Popularised by the Misha during the 1980 Summer Olympics held in Moscow. (Source: Wikipedia)

This year we have the Phryges (based on the Phrygian caps) as the Paris Olympic and Para olympic mascots. The Olympics 2024 president, Tony Estanguet, said: “We chose an ideal rather than an animal. We chose the Phrygian cap because it’s a very strong symbol for the French Republic. For French people, it’s a very well-known object that is a symbol of freedom. The fact that the Paralympics mascot has a visible disability also sends a strong message: to promote inclusion.

Olympic Themed Printables

We have two sets of printables for you to have a go at – the olympic themed activity sheets and the design your own medal worksheet prompts! The activity sheets would be perfect as Olympic Place Mats at the kids table, for using during an Olympics Party or as lesson plan fillers (answers to the activity are on the blog page linked).

Olympic Activity Sheets and Design Your Own Medal/ Trophy

Olympic Torch Crafts to make with Kids

First up, let’s explore the Olympic Torch Crafts you can make!

Olympic craft torch

A simple tin foil olympic torch

And if your kids are after a “real Olympic Torch”, how about this fantastic one from Domestic Goddesque?  You will need a cheese grater to make this one.. yep, you read correctly – go find out for what!x

Olympic Torch made from paper

Well.. if you don’t want to use a cheese grater for special effects, then check out this second fantastic touch (originally) over at Not A Tiger Mum – sadly this blog is no longer active. BOOO… But I loved the action shot from way back when (we are talking 2012!!). So I wanted to keep it included as inspiration. All you need to do is roll up some paper (newspaper or brown paper will do) and shove some orange, yellow and red tissue paper into the top as Orlando Family Magazine did… then go for a lovely jog!

DIY Olympic Torch with Tea Light

Now if you want to upcycle things a little, there are actually make an DIY Olympic Torch crafts out there, COMPLETE with Tea Lights! So fun! Check out Oh My Creative.

Paper Plate Olympic Torch

You really can make an olympic torch out of anything.. here we have an Paper Plate Torch for the Olympics by Fun Loving Families.

olympic handprint torch

Olympic Handprint Torch for Preschoolers

Here is a lovely one that preschoolers will love- a handprint torch! What a great way to commemorate the olympics and your little ones keepsake handprints. DLTK Kids shows us how AND shares a free torch printable for you to use. Lovely.

A T is for Torch activity for our preschoolers

Another great way to practice your “letters” – make a t for torch a la No Time For Flashcards. Simple, cute fun and a great way to practice the letter T! Hooray!

Olympic Torch Snacks with Cheetos

Living Well Spending Less has a whole set of Olympic themed party food and decor, but I especially wanted to highlight this super fun edible Olympic Torch, as it is SO SO SO easy to set up and looks so effective.

Make your own Olympic Medals

To kick things off in our “Olympic Medal Crafts section”, I am going to “borrow” some of our very own medal crafts, that were are actually made as Father’s Day medals.. but obviously a medal is a medal.. and if you would like to turn them into an Olympic Craft.. I would simply make sure you make a set of medals in gold, silver and bronze!x

number 1 medal

Recycled Cardboard Medal

Let’s kick things of with a recycled cardboard medal. As mentioned this one is for Father’s Day and has a photo inside.. but maybe you could add a photo of your favourite sports person? Or of your child doing a sporting activity?!

paper plate medals

Paper Plate Medals for Preschoolers

Next.. ignore the “Best Daddy” messages, and simply make giant paper plate medals. These are fun to make “as is” or would be brilliant decorations for any Olympics Themed Party or BBQ gathering!

Collage of medals for dad. Easy DIY Jar Lid Medals for Father's Day

Recycled Jar Lid Medals

Or make some upcycled jar lid medals too! So fun.

design your own medal trophy

Design Your Own Medal and Trophy

If you are little short on prep time… then simply print out these simple Medal and Trophy Outlines and get the kids to design their own Olympic Medals! Available for a nominal fee in my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store or get the medal outline for free! Thank you for your support!

olympic craft ideas

Make some fabulous Saltdough Olympic Medals

Now if you haven’t visited The Imagination Tree, now is the time to do so.. packed full of playdough and saltdough recipe ideas you will always find something fun to make – and she has great ideas to make it “easy” for small hands to help. Here we have some fabulous Olympic Medals.xx

olympics activity ideas

Bake some Medal Cookies

Now cookie medals would certainly “go down well” in my house (see what I did there.. hahahaha). Why no have a go at baking these yummy looking olympic cookies the way Me and My Shadow did? Mmmmh I do fancy one of those!

And if you don’t want to “make” any cookies, why no “bake” some cookies the way Me and My Shadow did? Mmmmh I do fancy one of those!


olympic ideas

Fruit Hoop- Olympic Hoop Cookies

More medal cookies! How fun and cute are these?! Find out more on Inspired by Family Mag!

Some Olympic Trophy Crafts

Next in our Olympic Kid’s activities collection, we look at TROPHIES! As with our medal crafts, we have some trophy crafts that we originally made “for dad”, but I think would be lovely as Olympic Crafts too. So I will share them wit you again, just in case you missed them!

Finished pop up throphy card with rosette (easy)

Pop Up Trophy Cards

Make some pop up Trophy Cards – as a simple STEM project exploring the Olympics.

trophy pop up card

Pop Up Printable Trophy Card

Similarly, we have a pop up Printable Trophy Card that could be funfor kids to make!x

olympic crafts

Toilet Paper Roll Trophies

Oh yes, you really can make ANYTHING from with a Toilet Paper Roll.. Here some cute, quick AND easy trophies that the kids over at Frugal Family made! Then you can have your own olympic races and challenges and award your trophies at the end. Lovely.

Paper Cup Olympic Kids’ Trophy

Over on Instagram, you can check out how to make these cool paper cup trophies! How fun!

Free Olympic Trophy Template

Or hop over to Moms and Crafters and grab their fabulous free Trophy Template!

Make Olympic Laurel Wreaths as per the Ancient Greeks x

Paper Laurel Wreath Crown

Have a go at this simple paper laurel wreath crown (and more Olympic crafts and Olympic activities) by visiting Family Themed Days.x

olympic wreath

Vine Leaf Wreath

Who would spot the difference between an “vine wreath” and a laurel wreath? I think they both are very fitting for the Olympics and here one father got spontaneously crafty whilst doing a bit of tidying in the garden. It doesn’t take much as Mama Smiles shares with us!

Recycled Cardboard Tube Wreath for the Olympics

And yes!! You can make a laurel wreath from our favourite humble craft material, the toilet paper roll! Crazy, right?! Check out Tried and True Blog to see how!

Olympic Activities and Sports

In this section we get a little more interactive!

olympic game ideas

Javelin Inspired Shooter Game

Check out this very simple to make “shooter” game inspired by Javelin throwing. Get crafty and then get activity. Live At The Zoo shares their Olympic Activity!

olympic party ideas

Host a Triathlon Party

Oh My Word! How coool is a triathlon party?? One of my favourite bloggers, se7en, created this fantastic party for her kids. This would be an ideal post for you to visit if you are having an Olympic Street Party. And if you are not, maybe you could have one at home. Ok, so there is swimming in this Triathlon.. but I am sure you can come up with a replacement sports of sorts. Or make it a Duathlon (running and cycling are perfect). Then come back, check out the post for a party craft, the sporty Pinata, the cake and triath

lon snacks. Se7en is SUCH a cool mum!

Olympic Hurdle

Get crafty and then get active! A great craft to include if you are having an Olympics Party or Olympics Street Party… and then when you are all done, of course you will need chocolate medals. Check out more from Mummy Mummy Mum!


olympic crafts

Olympic Memory using Sports Pictograms

A simple idea to make your own Olympic Memory game. Practice some cutting skills, talk abouta ll the different sports and then get playing. Find more on this Olympic craft here.x

Winter olympics crafts

Ice Hockey Game for the Olympic Winter Games

Oh.. now I know we are heading towards the Summer Olympics, but this Ice Hockey game is sooo cute, I simply had to include it in this round up. What a clever idea from Toddler Approved. Hop right over and check it out!x

winter olympic gamees

Skiing and Bobsleighing for the Olympic Winter Games

Another adorable and creative idea from Toddler Approved – skiing and bob sleight piste. What fun! Hooray.x

Make some Olympic Ring Crafts

The olympic rings are a great opportunity to give things like Painting with Circles a go. Explore colors, patterns and the number 5 too! I actually feel I should have started with the Olympic rings in this collection of Olympic crafts.. but for some reason, I popped them towards the end. Just because they are at the end, doesn’t mean that they aren’t fabulous! So do keep reading!

Olympic Rings Snack Sandwich

Make some olympic rings themed snacks! How fun are these super healthy olympic ring sandwiches by Thirsty for Tea!

olympic activities for preschoolers

Olympics Sorting Activity

Love the simplicity of this fun fun fun sorting activity. Easy to make and set up.. and lots of colour recognition fun!x

Paper plate olympic rings are a great classroom craft

Paper Plate Olympic Rings for Kids

Or make some Paper Plate Olympic Rings? This is are a great collaborative project that you could make in the classroom too and a great way to decorate for an Olympics themed sports day or Olympics party! Hop over to Meaningful Mama for info.

Tissue Paper Olympic Rings – Fine Motor skills

Or how about these tissue paper olympic rings? A great way to practice fine motor skills and discuss the different colours of the olympic rings! Mess for Less has more info!

Macramé Bracelets for the Olympics

Even better than these mini Olympic rings, are these Macramé Bracelets – you can wear your Olympic Craft with pride. The Sister’s Guild shows us how! I think that maybe we could do these at the school fair? Maybe the children could do one at the fair and take materials home for the rest?

olympics crafts

Olympic Rings T-shirt

Oooh how about some DIY Fabric Painting – love the simplicity of this T-shirt and yet it is so effective! Great idea!! Thanks Me and My Shadow!x

olympic craft ideas

xOlympic Craft Paper Chain

Of course – the humble Paper Chain – perfect for the Olympic Craft bonzanza at any school. I love the idea how all the children work on this together – real team effort! Calm Energy shares all her Olympic fun ideas for the day!x

Olympic activities kids

Olympic 5 Rings Hoopla Game

Aaah how cute is this “mini” Hoopla Game with the Olympic rings – perfect for a rainy afternoon or a play in the garden. Love that everything is made from recycled items around the home! Multiple Mummy shares her craft!x

olympic arts and crafts

Olympic Art

Does this Olympic Poster for London 2012 inspire you to Get Arty? This is by London-born Rachel Whiteread and I think it is FABULOUS! And I am sure will be an inspiration for many this summer. Read the full article on all Olympic Postsers in The Mirror Online.x

olympic art for kids

Olympics Kids Art

And look.. .Make Do & Friend (blog no longer active) did JUST THAT! They used my favourite crafty item, the humble toilet paper roll to make their own Olympics Art Project!

olympic craft ideas

Olympic Cupcakes

Oooh yum yum yum.. such a simple and yet so fun idea!! Olympic Cupcakes – why didn’t I think of these!! And am sure little hands would love to help! The Gingerbread House shares her recipe!

Support your Country or Team with World Flags and more

Make your own Flags from Paper

Small for Big had an amazing crafting session with her kids, making every flag from paper scraps! Then bringing them together into a fantastic flag garland/ bunting for the Olympics. A fantastic way to talk about the world and all the countries competing in the olympics!

olympic crafts bracelet

Make beaded Team Bracelets

Get your kids engaging with letters – buy some alphabet beads and then make your olympic bracelets – brilliant – such a cute idea from No Time for Flashcards, check out her post for what to use to thread them with and more letter fun.

Olympic Themed Coloring Pages

Here are couple of fun coloring pages.. well more than one – two sites with coloring pages…

Olympics Coloring Page for Grown Ups (2)

FIrst up this gorgeous Olympic Coloring Page for Grown Ups

olympic sports

Set of Sports from Primary Games – I only highlight one of the olympics disciplines here, but they have an extensive set of sports to you can print and color!


Firework Crafts for the Olympics

Now there is no better way than finishing off the Olympics with a bang  – and I am pretty certain that we will be seeing lots of fireworks at the end of celebrations. How about checking our our collection of firework crafts and firework artprojects?!

firework art projects

So… do you feel you are ready for the Paris Olympics 2024?

I do hope you found some Olympic crafts and ideas inspiration here… and that you will be getting crafty this summer!