How to make a Paper Mouse Finger Puppet – or R is for Rat!

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A super simple and easy Paper Mouse Finger Puppet to make. Perfect to go with a with a read of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie or a rendition of Hickory Dickory Dock or just for anyone that really loves easy Mouse Crafts for Kids!

Let’s make some adorable Mouse Finger Puppets!

Collage of Paper Mice Finger Puppets on Hands

These paper mice puppets would work well as a rat craft (for Year of the Rat 2020 maybe?) as the mice have nice long faces… they are also great for anyone learning about shapes – as they are made from paper cones and colours (we chose to colour there ears in differently, but you could make each mouse a different colour!). One easy paper craft for kids.. lots of learning opportunities!

Mouse Paper Puppets – Materials

  • A sheet of white paper will make 4 mice
  • A plate for tracing (we cut a circle the diameter of approximately 17cm)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Pens for decorating

You can get a copy of printable instructions over in my Teachers Pay Teacher’s store too!

Paper Mice Finger Puppets on Hands

How to make a paper mouse puppet – quick & easy

Do check out our Paper Mouse Hand Puppet video how to at the bottom.. in the meantime follow our step by step instructions here.

Creating your paper mouse cone

mouse cone

Step by step photo instructions are available on in our Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store!

Trace and cut a circle approximately 17cm in diamter. Having said that, with smaller hands you may want to make these a bit smaller too. Experiment!

Fold the circle in half and half again – so you have folded lines to mark out the quarters.

Cut out the quarters – each one will make one mouse. Keep the off course for the paper mice details!

Add glue to one long edge of the quarter, roll up and secure. Your basic paper cone and paper mouse are finished.

Adding the mouse puppet’s features

mouse puppet

Cute two tear drops for ears, one long thing piece of paper for the tail (curl with scissors) and two shorter thin strips of paper for whiskers.

Glue the tail to the bottom inside of the cone.

Colour in the tear drop ears for the mouse, add glue to the bottom and glue half way along the cone.

Cross the two short strips of paper, add glue and secure underneath the top of the cone.

If you wish to have printable images for these steps, head over to the teachers pay teacher’s store!

Adding final mouse features in pen

Finished paper mouse (blue)

Add two small black eyes and a little nose to match the ear colour.

Your Paper Cone Mice Finger Puppets are finished! Nice and easy!

Paper Mice Finger Puppets on Hands

Don’t you think this will also make a great Year of the Rat Craft for Chinese New Year 2020? So cute and fun!

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Paper Mice Finger Puppets on Hands
Adorable Paper Mouse Finger Puppet! Perfect for Year of the Rat too!

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