Dinosaur Bubble Wrap Printing

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Here is a little blast from the craft, with another Preschooler Dinosaur Craft – well in this case more of a dino art project. Make some Dinosaur Bubble Wrap Printing with us today!

Dinosaur art for preschoolers

This is actually and activity that the kids I made many moons ago… probably as far back as 2011/12… but that for some reason or another, I forgot to post here on the blog! I stumbled across the images recently and thought I should share them. Especially, since bubble wrap printing is so much fun and kids love to give this ago.

So. On to our Dinosaur printing activity:

Materials for the Dinsoaur Bubble Wrap Art:

  • Several sheets of paper
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Bark (we used this for our collage later but it is optional)
  • Paints & brushes
  • Glue
  • Scissors

How to make Dinosaur Bubble Wrap Printing collages

Simple top tip for painting with toddlers

A top tip for painting with toddlers and preschoolers, is to make sure you have a nice clear working area. As well as a surface that you don’t mind getting paint on! This helps with any “mess” stress factors or anxieties. Especially when getting arty with younger kids.

I also found it helpful to take down my younger child’s paper – so she could get as messy as she liked, without her painted paper landing on the floor or walls!

Bubble Wrap Painting
Exploring print making with bubble wrap

Once you are ready – paint some paper in plain colours – we decided to make green and red dinosaurs. If you want to simplify this project, you can print onto coloured paper directly.

Once your plain coloured paper is dry, add paint to the bubble wrap and have a go at print making. Let dry!

toddler collages

Whilst the bubble wrap prints are drying, my son and I started working on the collage. As you can see, he had some ideas of his own as to what colours to use for the sky and ground!

We let these dry…

Then glued on some bark for trees and soome of the green left over bubble wrap for tree crowns.

I cut out some simple dinosaur shapes from the bubble wrapped printed paper. You can find some dino shapes here. I just drew some free hand.

My son then decided where to stick them!

What did the Toddler Do in the meantime?

Well, when you have multiple kids at different stages of development, you can’t always do all the projects together in the same way. But the younger kids, no doubt WANT to join in too!

painting with little ones
Fun with colour mixing

So when I was working with her older brother, I always let me daughter join in too. We had some child safe paints, she was safely in her high chair, and I basically let her get on with it. Yes it got messy, but she had lots of fun. As everything was cleared and tidied for her, there wasn’t too much paint chaos she could cause.

Dinosaur prints

A close up of our simple dinoausars!

bubble wrap trees

A close up of our collage before we added the dinosaurs!

Bubble wrap printing

Final dinosaur collage. I think if we did this activity again, I would encourage different colours for the background, so that our dinosaurs become the focus of the collage. But it doesn’t really matter. We fun creating bubble wrap prints and bring all the different elements together.

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