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Time for some fun Kawaii Bookmarks that you will love to eat!!! You know we are Corner Bookmark Design mad here Red Ted Art… and I wanted to share some of these fun Kawaii designs. They all based on the classic Origami Bookmark.

Collection of Corner Bookmark Designs that are food and kawaii

With the summer heat in full swing, we will find any reason to stay indoors and craft cute things, such as adorable Kawaii bookmarks. Kawaii translates to “cute” in Japanese and generally pertains to a style of cuteness.

If you are searching for easy bookmark ideas, you may like these Kawaii food bookmarks that I first shared on my Red Ted Art YouTube channel. Hope you agree that bookmakrs could not get any cuter!

Kawaii Food Bookmark Corners How To Video

You can watch the “overview” Kawaii Food Bookmark video or check out individual instructions (in more detail) below! Remember, every bookmark starts out with the basic Origami Bookmark Corner!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bookmark Corners

You can’t go wrong with classic chocolate cookies! These cookie bookmarks feature blue eyes and pink shoes, and we can’t get enough. You can see the little hands to the left and right of the eyes. The beauty of this bookmark is that it is a corner bookmark which means it can fit right over the corner of the page! While you’re reading your book, try not to take a bite out of the page. Those eagle eyed amongst you, will recognise, that this is Kooky from the Shopkins! So cute.

Check out the full Kawaii cookie bookmark tutorial via the step-by-step video that I posted on the Red Ted Art YouTube channel.

Donut Bookmark Corners

Who doesn’t love fluffy delicious donuts in the morning? We certainly don’t mind them, and these donut bookmarks are pretty good replicas, wouldn’t you say? There are so many variations you can make yourself, chocolate or cherry frosting are some other ideas that come to mind. Make them with or without Kawaii features. Either way they are adorable!

Check out the full Kawaii Donut bookmark tutorial via the step-by-step video that I posted previously on Red Ted Art.

Kawaii Donut Bookmark Corners

Ice Cream Bookmarks Corners

Ice cream is a summer pastime we don’t think will over go out of style. Cold ice cream on a warm summer afternoon is the perfect way to quench your thirst. Ice cream is the epitome of summer, whether you like gelatto, frozen yogurt, mochi ice cream, or regular milk ice cream, everyone can find a favorite type! Why not display your love of ice cream in the latest book you’re reading via a ice cream corner bookmark?

Ice Cream Corner Bookmark

Check out the full Kawaii Ice Cream bookmark tutorial via the step-by-step video.

Watermelon Bookmark Corners

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like watermelon. This incredibly refreshing and sweet fruit is best eaten during the summer, not only because it quenches your thirst, but because it’s also in season! We love the bright colors of this bookmark because it truly represents a real watermelon. We also now have a super cute and easy KAWAII Melon Version! Make either or both!

Check out the full watermelon bookmark tutorial via the step-by-step video and for the Kawaii Watermalon check out this video.

Birthday Cake Bookmark Corners

The faces on these candles! Can’t get over how cute they are. This birthday cake bookmark would be perfect to give to a birthday girl or boy. While it looks a little more difficult to make than the other ones, we still think it would make a great summer craft project when you want to get busy with your hands.

Check out the full Kawaii birthday cake bookmark tutorial via the step-by-step video that I posted on the Red Ted Art YouTube channel.

And you know what is amazing? All you need is PAPER to make creative Kawaii bookmarks such as these! Hooray! How we love Paper Crafts!

Collage of kawaii food corner bookmarks - cheerful and bright colours