DIY Fairy Lanterns – Easy Fairy Garden Ideas

This summer, has been a summer of Fairy Gardens in our house. Last Christmas my daughter received a “Fairy Garden set” and this spring and summer we have had so much fun with it… she has been combining store bought Fairy Accessoires with homegrown flowers, nature finds (e.g. rock paths) and homemade DIY Fairy Accessories. Today’s make are these super duper cute DIY Fairy Lanterns – a simple Easy Fairy Garden Idea.

Fairy Garden Ideas to make

To be fair.. this is very much a craft about working with what you have got. My daughter found some big clear beads and had the brain wave that they would make perfect lanterns. So if you don’t have beads like us… what else can you find around the house? Maybe a big wooden bead painted in sparkly paint would look just as nice? Is there something you can recycle to create a similar effect?

Materials WE used to make our DIY fairy lanterns:

  • Large clear beads
  • Tiny hooks/ wires
  • Colourful garden wire in purple
  • Acorn hat
  • A tool for making a small hole into your acorn (Dad did this)
  • Hot glue gun/ Strong glue

How to make your DIY Fairy Lanterns

These fairy lanterns really are quite straight forward. The key “trick” is to figure out how to hang them from your garden wire. We used two methods.. mainly because we ran out of the mini picture hooks!

Method one for hanging your fairy lantern:

Connecting your acorn

Twist your photo hook into the top of your acorn hat. The picture hook needs to fit inside your bead later. So only use this method if they are thin enough!

Method two for hanging your fairy lanterns:

Beads and acorns make great lanterns

Get someone (Dad) to make a small hole in the top of your acorn. Push through a little wire. Twist the wire and flatten. The wire will not insert into the bead, but will be glued on top.

Here is the view from the top of the acorn:

Fairy garden DIY ideas

Once you have secured your hooks/ wires, hot glue the bead to your acorn top.

Finally, grab your garden wire and twiste it into a nice curl.

Hange your DIY Fairy Lantern.

Place along your stone path in your fairy garden (I need to take another close up photo… as the flowers rae in the way!! Ha!!):

Fairy Garden Ideas to make

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