Decorative Birdhouses made from loose parts and recycled items


Welcoming back the lovely Start Creative Studio for another thrifty and fabulously recycled craft: Learn how to make Loose Parts Birdhouse Craft! As with all recycled crafts, have a good rummage around for bits and pieces that you already have at home and adapt to make you very own unique designs.

Loose Parts Bird House Decor

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Birds have been a long time favorite in our house – both to study in books and in nature! So, when we saw the perfectly fun round shape of some cheese containers, our minds immediately went to birdhouses.

To make your Decorative Birdhouses from recyclables you will need:

  • Round Cardboard Container (ours was a recycled cheese container)
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Glue
  • A variety of materials such as: plastic lids, paper straws, shredded paper, bits of colored cardstock, craft sticks, etc.

How to make loose parts birdhouses for kids

Create it!

Time needed: 30 minutes

With paint drying times, this adorable little decorative birdhouse will take around 20-30 minutes to make in total!

  1. Paint the container

    Paint the round container and allow it to dry.
    bird house base

  2. Add the roof to the birdhouse

    Create a roof by gluing craft sticks to the top of the container.
    Bird house roof

  3. We added another layer of decoration with some paper straws as well!
    details to the bird house roof

  4. Add a door to the birdhouse

    Cut a circle from colored cardstock or printed cardboard and glue to the circle for the birdhouse door.
    bird house door

  5. Add a bird stand

    Add a bird stand by gluing on a small piece of paper straw and a plastic lid.
    bird house perch

This was a fun way to use materials from our supply of recycled objects and bits of materials from previous crafting projects.

colourful bird house craft

It is also a project that is fun for a variety of ages – set it up as a family craft night and enjoy all the unique designs!

Have fun and add some pom pom birds!

add some pom pom birds

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