Walnut Fairy Houses


In our house, we RATHER LOVE Fairies. Everything to do with fairies and fairy crafts. My kids have one little Fairy Garden and then made their own “Fairy Blueberry Woods” camping site to go with it.

We also enjoy Walnut Craft Ideas – walnuts are wonderfully tactile and a great material to work with. If you crack them carefully, you can eat the nut AND get crafty. My kids are older now, so we were able to make some adorable Walnut Fairy Houses together! So cute.

Mini Walnut Fairy House

To make our Walnut Fairy Houses, you will need:

  • One walnut per fairy house
  • a knife for prizing them open (adults only please)
  • polymer clay
  • baking tray and oven
  • possible strong tacky PVA glue (sometimes the polymer clay separates from the walnut)

How to make Walnut Fairy Houses

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to make Walnut Fairy Houses

We have shown a making time of 20 minutes, but you will need to add a little time for baking in the oven AND for gluing if gluing ends up being required!

We made two tpes of fairy houses.. one with a petal roof and the other a mushroom roof. We share instructions for the petal rood – mainly because it is so easy to make.. but also because the mushrooms just need “moulding until your a happy”!

  1. Make your Flower Roof

    First CRACK your walnut open, empty and glue it back together again. Learn how to crack a walnut in half here.

    Make 5 equal sized balls for your flower roof. Ours were approximately 1cm wide.

    Polymer clay flower

  2. Gently squish these balls down with one finger to turn into petals.

    Polymer clay flower

  3. Take each polymer clay disc and lay one over the next one as per the image below.

    Polymer clay flower

  4. Make the fairy flower roof stem

    Secure the petals together (by squishing and rubbing across a little – but not too much, so it doesn’t get to thin). Place on top of the walnut and gently model it.

    Make a green stem (it looks a bit like a gourd). You can experiment with shapes and make them longer or shorter or add a long twirly bit.

    Secure ontop of the flower.

    Polymer clay flower

  5. Make your fairy house windows and doors.

    Pop it on your house and add windows and doors. These are just small discs of polymer clay. On the door, we added some “wood line” markings with a butter knife and a little dot as a door knob.

    Walnut Fairy House

  6. Make some mini mushrooms

    We decided that our fairy houses need a little base to help them from toppeling over. And then I thouhgt a mini mushroom would be fun.

    I first made lots of little white “bits” and some white mushroom stems. I made these first as they are a light colour and the red is likely to stain my fingers and then stain the white.. so work with the white firts. Then I made a little red ball, flattened it a little and pit it all together as mushroom.

    Make clay mushrooms

  7. Bake your whole walnut and polymer clay

    Bake the clay – follow the instructions on your polymer clay packaging. Ours needed baking for 15min at 120 C.

    You MAY need to add a little glue. Wood glue or STRONG PVA glue is great (like Anita’s Tacky Glue).

  8. Finished!

    Experiment with colours and different stems!

    Mini Walnut Fairy Houses

AS mentioned we then also made some Mushroom houses:

Mushroom Fairy House

We love them! Aren’t they cute?

Walnut Crafts

Hope you have a go!!

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