DIY Printable Fidget Spinner Template (without bearings)


So, we have been having LOST of fun with our DIY Fidget Spinners without bearings. Many of you have messaged me to show me your Fidget Spinner DIYs and how much you are enjoying the DIY Printable Fidget Spinner Template for either use at home or with schools, summer groups, library crafts etc. I thought you may therefore enjoy a NEW set of Fidget Spinner Template PDF.. just to keep your creative juices flowing even more… What I love about today’s fidget spinner DIY without bearings, is the BRIGHT colours that I added to them by using Post-it Notes. It makes for a fab Post-it Note Fidget Spinner, but of course you still need some glue and toothpicks too (you may by the way, LOVE this Ninja Star Paper Fidget Spinner DIY too.. I bet you could use Post-it Notes for that too and there are NO TEMPLATES needed).

All our “Red Ted Art Fidget Spinner DIY” designs are without bearings.. but should have access to some ball bearings, we put together a fabulous little round up of DIY Fidget Spinners, that includes our paper spinners, but also some LEGO Fidget Spinners and fun Ball Bearing Fidget Spinners!

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Post-it Note Paper Fidget Spinners DIY – MATERIALS


  • We used black paper/ light card and glue together several layers to make it thick enough to hold the coins and not bend
  • Post-it Notes in NEON colours (stock up on them here US/ UK (affiliate links)
  • Pennies or low denomination coins. Use buttons of bolts of you don’t want to use them
  • Hot Glue gun (I prefer using Gem Tak or E3000 as it IS strong and WILL last longer, but the hot glue gun works and is quicker for group environments)
  • Toothpick
  • Scissors
  • Clipper (to cut toothpick)
  • Your FREE Fidget Spinner Template PDF (enter $0 at check out)

For our MINI Fidget Spinner, we cut down a Paper Clip, but the rest of the assembly is the same.

How to make Paper Fidget with bearings – using Fidget Spinner Templates

Now you REALLY must watch the video, as it is GORGEOUS to see the different Fidget Spinner Patterns in action. Each design, creates a fantastic new and stuffing spinning effect. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how wonderful the Fidget Spinners design looks. Now the MINI Fidget Spinner was created for fun and as a challenge by fellow YouTube and blogger Natasha Lee, who created an AMAZING set of Mini Nail Fidget Spinners. Yes that is right NAIL Fidget Spinners. When you thought you saw it all.. Natasha comes along. And she also has a hilarious “Nail Fidget Spinner Unicorn horn” too. Hahaha. You have to see it!

Ok now.. without further a do.. watch our how to make fidget spinner without bearings video and see how quick and easy it is to use your new fidget spinner template!

And I simply can’t resist a few more Post-it Notes Fidget Spinner images!! You can of course decorate your fidget spinners in any way you wish. But love how quick and easy the Post-it Note Fidget Spinners are and how fabulously “poppy” they look. ADORE.. and one more..

Teehee. Hope you love our new DIY Printable fidget spinner template pdf as much as we do!

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