DIY For Mums – Things To Make and Do

If you’re a full-time mum, the days can become repetitive and easily boring. Some DIY activities can not only be fun, but also useful. Whether you’re making an extravagant gift or coming up with a simple life hack, the bloggers are here to help you come up with some ideas.

First, Let’s Brainstorm

Ideas for DIY tasks can be difficult to come up with, so why not let us help you out. We’ve compiled a list of some ideas to get you started:

  • Jewellery – making necklaces, DIY rings or friendship bracelets with your children can be a really fun and cheap activity. All you need is some string/wire, all sorts of beads, buttons, pendants etc to add to what you’re making and that’s it! (For necklaces and bracelets, anyway…). Once you’ve got what you need all you have to do is thread the beads onto the string and either tie a knot in the string or buy some clasps so you can add them once you’re done.
  • A den – all kids adore dens, hideouts and forts so this is the perfect opportunity to gather all your blankets and pillows together and build your own imaginary castle with your children! If you want to make it a permanent fixture to your home all you will need is blankets and maybe staples (to secure the fabric in place). Map out where you want the den to be and get building!

  • Indoor garden – if you’ve got any spare bowls lying around, grab some compost and some flower seeds (or some crest) and plant a little garden to pop on your windowsill. This can also let you and your children paint or decorate the bowl that you’re using. Alternatively have a go at our oh so fun and super easy Grass Heads!
  • Origami – learning origami can be a therapeutic experience, and you can make all sorts from paper planes to ‘fortune’ tellers. All you need is paper and maybe some pens if you want to draw on your creations.
  • Slime – slightly messy but awesome to make and play with! There are lots of fabulous safe and easy slime recipes to check out. You can also add food colouring to make it colourful and have hours of fun playing and messing around with your own home made goo.

Now you’ve got plenty of small, crafty things and a den to pop them all in! But what if you want to go bigger? Make useful things such as a playpen or basket to put toys away. This can help to make your children enthusiastic when tidying up and keeping the house tidy.

The Bigger, The Better

  • Rocking chair – okay, maybe it’s a little hard to make your own rocking chair, but you can easily decorate one. Get out your paint pots and pencils and get decorating! It’ll fit perfectly into your child’s room.
  • Storage box – if you’ve got any large cardboard boxes lying around, try cutting one up and gluing the spare cardboard onto the bigger one to make the one you’ll be using stronger. Then you can use any choice of material to line the inside of the box with and very simply decorate it, making a creative space to put away toys.
  • Dolls clothes – if your kids are a little older then you could have a day of supervised textiles. Grab your sewing kit and try making some dolls clothes for your children’s teddies, dolls and other cuddly friends. It can teach your children a helpful life skill as well as making plenty of things for their friends.
  • Playpen – having a playpen is hugely helpful for your household. It helps keep your house tidy and gives any smaller children within the house a nice place to play and work on their motor skills. You can make one with mesh walls and soft padding. If you don’t have the capabilities or equipment to make a playpen – don’t worry, you can easily purchase one from us such as this playpen.

What’s Next?

Well, to make sure your children stay invested, you could try and make it into a game. If creating things isn’t your child’s thing or if you find it a daunting task yourself, try making every aspect of it creative. You can make a song up, have a race with your child to see who can make something the quickest – there’s plenty of ideas to choose from.

Even the process of buying the things you need can fun. You can make it into a treasure hunt and if you’re tight on money, have a competition; the person who finds a particular item for the cheapest price wins!

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