DIY Gift Box for Kids (Recycled Plastic Bottle)

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As per usual, we do love a cute recycled/ upcycled craft! So when Red Ted had a “charity fun raising day” and the kids were selling these ADORABLE little upcycled DIY gift boxes to raise money for an African charity, I knew I had to share these with you. The teacher was more than happy for us to share their fabulous craft and I love that these gift boxes are made using the humble plastic bottle! So clever. I believe that they were inspired by Gift Boxes that women in South Africa make to make a living and they learnt all about it as part of their African studies.

These little gift boxes are great for a gift made by kids!

Plastic Bottle Crafts - Gift Box


To Make your Upcycled Bottle Gift Boxes, you will need:

  • A large plastic bottle with a ridged “underside” (this is important!)
  • Tissue paper
  • Glue/ modge podge
  • A large button
  • Scissors
  • Glitter

To Make your Upcycled Bottle Gift Boxes:

1) Wash your bottles and remove all the labels.

2) Cut the top 1/3 of your bottle off.

Plastic Bottle Crafts

3) Snip into your bottle in such a way, that the “ridge” is in the centre of a cut (see the image – the finger and thumb, show where the cut needs to go – you can see the bump of the bottle is aligned). Our bottle had 5 bumps.. so we need to make 5 cuts, equally spaced out. These are the flaps of your box.

4) Now shape your flaps a little, by rounding the tops.

5) Cover your bottle in white glue or modge podge and add your tissue paper. Add more glue and more layers. Make sure it is really nicely glue-y so it all sticks on. Sprinkle on glitter on the final layer of glue.

Stand “upside down” to dry.

6) Once dried, flatten down your flaps and add a button for decoration….

And done, don’t they look AMAZING!?

DIY Gift Boxes

Upcycled Gift Boxes

I think the kids did an amazing job with their upcycled gift boxes! And they raised a £100 for an African children’s charity. Thanks to Mrs. Lewis for allowing me to share this craft with you!

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