DIY Matchbox Drawer Chest

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Oh how I love all things small and cute. As a child I used to adore matchboxes and using them for lots of tiny secret gems of mine. A favourite Matchbox DIY for me, was to turn the boxes into these mini matchbox drawer chest! You can store all sorts in it – from buttons and sea glass found on holiday (what we are using for at the moment), to turning it into an adorable little Matchbox sewing kit!!! (We have tons more DIY Gift Box Crafts for you here). The Matchbox Drawers also make a great addition to any dolls house! But really, your imagination is the limit! We have also used matchboxes in the past for – Rock Pet Homes, creating mini Camera Art Sets and Matchbox Post Box and Matchbox Mini Teddy.

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Easy Matchbox Drawer Chest - quick and easy to make - perfect for a dolls house, trinkets or a small gift. Adore Matchbox DIYs

How to Make a Matchbox Drawer Chest

  • per chest – 3 matchboxes – but you can make them as big or small as you wish
  • some pretty paper
  • sello tape
  • some ribbon
  • scissors

YES! NO GLUE! Making this a great “non messy” activity!

How to Make a Matchbox Drawer Chest (Video)

Follow the video instructions here or check out the written instructions below!

How to Make a Matchbox Drawer Chest (Written Instructions)

  1. Ideally our matchboxes should be all the same size. Stack them up and then carefully add some sello tape down one side.. and then again down the the other side. This is to secure the boxes and stop them slipping about.
  2. You can trim the paper to fit perfectly first, but we find it easier to trim it afterwards. Align the corner of your paper with the middle bottom of the matchbox tower and sello tape in place.
  3. Now wrap the paper around all 3 boxes. Making relevant creases around the all edges of the matchboxes.
  4. Unfold, trim your paper to make it a perfect fit.
  5. Sello tape the other end of the paper down.
  6. Now take a small piece of ribbon and create a loop.
  7. Tape it to the bottom of the drawer.
  8. Repeat with each drawer! And DONE!

No glue Matchbox Drawers - so quick and easy to make

Aren’t they simply ADORABLE?!?!! LOVE THEM. As mentioned these Matchbox Drawer Chests are great as little gift boxes, for storing nick nacks or as additions to dolls houses!

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