DIY Paper Box Strawberry

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Here is a DIY Gift Box idea with a difference – make a simple Paper Box Strawberry!! Who doesn’t love a cute Strawberry Craft? All you need is red and green paper and a little thread! We have created some handy Strawberry Gift Box Templates for you – if you find it easier to use those – but you can also use simple red and green paper and follow the easy instructions below.

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First shared in 2017

These gift boxes are great for adding a little treat – like a ferror rocher or some chocolate mini eggs. You can also use this DIY Paper Box  Strawberry for small gifts such as a BFF Ring or BFF neglace or bracelet.

OR you can simply make these paper strawberries as some gorgeous summer decorations! Wouldn’t they look lovely as a simple paper strawberry garland for a “Strawberries & Cream Party” theme?

DIY Paper Box Strawberry

Supplies needed to make your 3d Strawberry Box

  • Red paper (If you cut carefully you can get two paper strawberry boxes per sheet of A4 paper)
  • Medium green paper scraps
  • Ribbon or thread for closing (though any colour will do – or wool works too)
  • Small treat or gift (optional)

Every day tools

  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Black pen
  • Small side plate for measuring (15cm diameter is good)
  • Tin can for measuring (7.5cm diameter is good)

Some people like to glue these but it is not strictly speaking necessary!

Also you can make use of our FREE Strawberry Box Printable.

How to make a DIY Paper Box Strawberry

You can either watch the video or follow the step by step photo instructions below. The video shows you how to make these easy Paper Box Strawberries WITHOUT the template. Both methods work really well and it is really just a question of preference! The assembley for the printable is the same as for the one in the video! So please do take the time to watch it!

Step by Step Tutorial for making a paper box

Step 1 – Trace and cut out two circles using your side plate and can as a template – the larger one in red, the smaller one in green.

Step 2 – Beginning with your red circle – fold it in half.

Step 3 – Then fold it in half again two more times.

Step 4  – Use a pencil to draw a petal shape on your folded circle. The petal should go from the middle of the first edge, to the top of the curve and back down to the middle of the second edge.

Step 5 – Cut this out. And hole punch the top of the petal.

Step 6 – Open up and you should have a flower shape. Cut one quarter out as you won’t need this.

Step 7 – Add some black lines as strawberry seeds.

Step 8 – Thread a thread through your strawberry holes.

Step 9 -Thread the last thread through the first hole and pull for the strawberry to come together and from. Tie a knot.

Step 10 – Cut your strawberry leaf. Follow step 1 – 4 – making your petal shape pointy at the top (for a leaf) and snipping a small part away at the bottom – this will give you a hole for threading.

Step 11 – Open up. Pop the thread through the centre or your strawberry leaf and you’re done. You may wish to add a little glue to the bottom of the leaf to secure, but it isn’t strictly necessary. 

Enjoy!! Hope you like these little cuties as much as we do!

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The book aims to more or less only use paper and card + stationery – so the crafts are super accessible to all and relatively no mess (ie no paint and very little glue!).

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