DIY Paper Clay Pencil Toppers


We have used DIY Paper Clay before to make some lovely Melon Bowls. The paper clay differs from traditional Paper Mache in that it is mouldable like a clay. Whilst paper mache works with “strips” (find out more about different Papier Mache Techniques here).

Today, we are working with the fun and versatile. Time for some Pencil Topper Crafts and our DIY Paper Clay Pencil Topper idea!

Different pencil toppers made with paper clay

DIY Paper Clay Pencil Toppers – Materials

  • DIY Paper Clay (see below) – paper, flour, water and a blender
  • Pencils
  • Paints for decorating we love
    • Americana Enamel Paints US/ UK (Affiliate links)
    • Posca Pens US/ UK (affiliate links)

How to make paper clay pencil toppers

How to make Paper Clay First:

Once you have made the DIY paper clay and had a good squelsh with it (so fun to play with!) it is time to make your Paper Clay Pencil Toppers.

DIY Paper Clay Pencil Toppers:

Close up of Different pencil toppers made with paper clay

Now you have made your DIY Paper Clay it time to start moulding it into pencil toppers. It helps to have some spare pencils to mould around and to ensure a nice snug fit. Note: once the paper clay has tried it often tightens.. and it MAY tighten to the pencil so it won’t come off. However most of ours are removable and we like that fact that it secured on.

If you find that the clay is crumblinig whilst working, you may want to add a little flour or squeeze out some of the water.

It is useful to stick with SIMPLE shapes, especially if it is your first go at moulding paper clay. We did make a super cute Donut Pencil topper too.. but it was much hard to make and mould.

Please do watch the full DIY Paper Clay Pencil Topper video above for full process!!!

Different pencil toppers made with paper clay

Aren’t they adorable? They were SO FUN to make and I really feel like making more now!

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The Paper Clay Pencil Topper Tutorial is also available on YouTube