DIY Paper Water Bombs (Fun Origami)

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Oh yes.. summer really is JUST around the corner.. and with the warmer weather heading our way.. why not check out these fabulously fun DIY Water Bombs made from, yes PAPER!!! These are super easy Origami Boxes or Origami cubes that the kids can learn to make and they are great fun to fill up with water and play play play with in the summer (well actually, you throw them once.. but you know what I mean). We have experimented making these with old magazines (use 2 sheets) and newspapers (use 3 sheets) too, making them extra thrifty!

Easy Paper Water Bomb - these are great made from newspaper and promise lots of summer fun!

DIY Paper Water Bombs Materials

  • A square piece of paper – any size but around 20cm x 20cmm is good. You can use two magazine sheets or 3 sheets of newspaper and make this into a great “upcycled” project… why “waste” good paper…….
  • Scissors

DIY Paper Water Bombs How To:

You will see that this Water Bombs how to really is super quick and easy to learn. A few simple steps and you will have the origami bug.. I promise. The first 2-3 may be fiddly and then they will get super easy to make. Remember, that if you enjoy our YouTube videos, you can subscribe for FREE. A great way to keep the kids busy this summer!


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