TP Roll Minion Gift Box

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A super quick craft for the kids – turn the humble TP Roll into MINION GIFT BOXES! Woohoo. We have some great DIY Gift Box Ideas here on Red Ted Art. All easy and fun to make. I think they would be  perfect way to give Dad some Father’s Day Gifts (I know our Dad has a penchants for jelly beans)… or would be awesome as a party bag boxes at a Minion Party. Cute, thrifty and fun!

minion gift box - love these quirky little TP Roll Minions. hey were perfectly as gift boxes - maybe fill with treats for Father's Day?!

TP Roll Minion Gift Box – Materials

  • Per gift box one TP Roll
  • Yellow, blue and black paper*
  • googly eyes (or cut out a white eye from paper)
  • pens
  • glue stick

* you can also paint your boxes if you don’t have the right coloured paper

TP Roll Minion Gift Box – How To (see how easy!)

Check step to steps written instructions below the video.

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To make your Minion Gift Boxes follow these easy steps:

1) Wrap your TP Roll in yellow paper and gently glue it down. Let the yellow paper overlap the edges of the TP Roll and tuck them in, for a nice smooth and neat edge.

2) Squeeze the top side of your TP Roll in on both side, to create the fold/ closure.

3) Cute a black strip and glue it on for the google band.

4) Glue on the googly eyes on to your minion gift box – you can use one single large one or two smaller ones. If you don’t have any googly eyes, cut out a white circle and add a black dot. It will also look great.

5) Cut a wide strip of blue paper that fits all around the Minion TP Roll. Make it WIDER than you need. Then mark where the front of  the dungarees will go and cut out.

6) Cut a long thing blue strip of paper and attach as “straps to your dungarees”.

7) Finally add some “sewing” detail to your trousers.

8 ) Actually, I lie.. finally fill with with Dad’s favourite treats for Father’s Day and squeeze down the bottom ends of your minion.

Now you are done! Well done!

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