Make a Paper Crown for the Coronation

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Time for crown crafts! Looking for the King’s Coronation Activities? Well.. you simply HAVE to make this royal paper crown craft! The perfect Paper Crown for any monarch. These coronation crowns can be made as King’s Coronation activities in the classroom, at home or for any Coronation Street party!

A gorgeous Royal Paper Crown for the King Charles’s Coronation

This paper crown is perfect for all kinds of Coronation activities.

  • It is a wonderful project to create in the classroom – learn about the King and other monarchs, then make the paper crown!
  • Have a set of the paper crown printables “out” for the kids to make at a Big Lunch celebration, party or coronation street party
  • Make a Paper Crown Crown ahead of time and have party games at your coronation street party.. then crown someone “King” or “Queen” at the end of the day – be sure to have a throne ready for his or her majesty too!
  • The perfect paper crown for any Coronation related school play/ presentation or special assembly!
  • The printable royal crowns also make gorgeous street party decorations – make a set as “centre” pieces for your Big Lunch tables! These would compliment any lovely celebration British bunting with union jack flags!

So if you want to learn how to make a paper crown.. look no further, read on and grab the paper crown template! Then decorate to your heart’s content. A fabulous paper crown craft that you can personalise and have lots of fun with!

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ALSO… if you are having a Street Party or party at home…

Please also recycle AS MUCH as you can. I have made some FREE posters you can print to make some recycling stations.. in the UK, most councils will collect:

  • Food Waste
  • Hard plastic – e.g. fruit punnets
  • Bottles & cans
  • Paper & cardboard (though a lot of this may be “food dirty” and you may need to put it in the regular bin
  • Large Sainsbury’s and Co-ops have soft plastic recycling stations for things like plastic bags (thing burger buns) and crisp packets
Recycle as you go, makes tidy up quick and easy

When is the King Charles III’s Coronation?

The 6th May!


To make your paper crowns you will need:

  • printable (you will need to enter $0 at check out, this is hosted on gumroad for easy file sharing!)
  • coloring pens, paint, anything you want to color & decorate your crown with really
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • craft knife & safety mat
  • glue/tape
  • split pin (though you can make this crown assembly work with a stapler or even some glue.. just the split pins are so easy and less fiddly!)

This freebie is hosted on Gumroad for easy sharing. Just add $0 at check out (unless you fancy making a small donation!!!).

How to make your Royal Crown the King’s Coronation

This paper crown is super fun to colour, decorate and assemble!

After downloading the templates for this crown, colour in all three parts of the crown and jewels. Have fun with pens, pencils and watercolours! Make your paper crown truly spectacular!

When you have finished coloring your paper crown, start cutting out the crown. Make sure to cut the top parts (that will look like feathers) up to the jewel chain (see photo). You could even use plastic gems / gem stickers, glitter or buttons to decorate your crown? Even add some fun ribbons. But we haev provide paper shapes in the meantime!

Glue the three parts of the crown together. You can add tape from the inside to make it sturdier. Then, punch out the holes we will use for the split pin to hold together the top part of the crown. Put the main body of the crown to the side.

Time to craft the top part of your Paper Crown!

Make the crown jewels is extra fun and an opportunity to personalize your coronation crown

Fold the top along the line and then cut. Before gluing shut the top part make sure to fold the bottom to a 90° angle. The bottom part will then be glued on top of the crown.

Assemble your wonderful Jubilee Crown!

Find the two white circles on the jewels page right next to the top part of the crown. Make a small cut with your scissors or if you have craft knife (get your parents to help if using a craft knife). Then push the split pin through one of the paper circles.

From the bottom of the crown start pinning the smaller flaps/feathers.

In the top photo you can see what it looks like from the inside of the crown. Now start adding the longer “feathers”/flaps on to the split pin. Add the 2nd paper circle and split the pin so it will hold all flaps in place.

Add glue to the bottom part of the top and glue it on top of the crown.

All that’s left now is to add as many jewels as you like where ever you like!!! Have fun!

Your paper crowns are finished. Don’t they look fabulous?!

Hope you have enjoyed these simple instructions and give this paper crown craft a go!

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Ta-daaaa your Royal Crown is ready!!!!

Our video tutorial is also available on YouTube!