Easy Mother’s Day Cards to Make in School

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Teacher’s really do save the day, when they get their students to make Mother’s Day cards in class! What Mom isn’t pleased to get a special handmade Mother’s Day Card?! To help the process, I have put together a collection of easy Mother’s Day cards to make in school. Kids will love these fun, sweet and lovely cards!

Almost ALL our our Mother’s Day resources, are designed to be made WITHOUT card templates (to save on costs and to encourage learning and creativity), however, I do ALSO provide lesson plans, worksheets and a card template for many of the cards shared today – to help with time saving in the classroom, as well as encouraging students to work independently.

Simply use this teaching resource page to suit YOUR needs and budget! I even have a bundle and discount section for you!

Card making are great crafts for the classroom – a lovely season lesson plan filler that children will enjoy to make and give. Perfect to go with any personalised gifts too. Be sure to include some of these cards in any Mother’s Day Crafts to plan to make with students. The majority of these cards are designed to be made by elementary students. If you are looking for ideas for preschoolers, take a look at this collection of Preschool Mother’s Day ideas here (with plent of lovely handprint ideas too).

Card Making Supplies

Making cards use a very simple set of supplies:

  • Cardstock
  • Paper / paper scraps
  • Pens, pencils, markers
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue stick

And then, as mentioned, you can grab the printables to go with the card templates if you wish! In which case you will need access to a printer.

Handamde Mother’s Day Cards to make in class!

You will find, that MANY of the handmade cards for Mom, actually overlap with Valentines Day. One simply reason – it is all for our love for our Mothers!! Which also makes them suitable for loved ones Birthdays. But there are other cards to choose from too. Once your students have made their cards, get them to write a Mother’s Day Poem to make the card an extra special keepsake!

Easy Pop Up Bear Heart Card for Kids to make on Valentines, printable worksheets available!

This is probably one of my favourite cute heart card ideas! The Pop Up Heart is super easy to make and you can customise the animal holding it. As you can see here, we made a Pop Up Bear (I love you Beary Much, Mom) and a Pop Up Cat Card (You are Purrrrr-fect, Mom!). So cute. What other animals would you make and what puns can the class come up with?!

Full tutorial here.

Or avaiable with lesson plan, worksheets and templates.

pop up valentines bear card
I Love you Beary Much Mom!

Another cute bear card to go with the I love you Beary Much Pun! This time the focus of the card is the bear, opposed to the heart.. which gives you the opportunity to customise the card to suit the occasion! Of course, hearts are lovely for Mother’s Day and as a Valentine’s Day Card, but you can also approach this as collages and add all sorts of other details – balloons for birthdays, snowflakes for Christmas, etc!

Full step-by-step tutorial here.

Or avaiable with lesson plan, worksheets and templates.

3d Valentines Cards

This is a great Pop Up Heart Card for kids of all ages. Well kids who have master making paper chains – which is often a popular activity for preschoolers as well as older kids. Yes you have guessed it, all you need to make is a 3 part paper heart chain. Then have fun decorating the hearts and carefully gluing them into your cardstock to make them pop!

Full tutorial here.

Or avaiable with lesson plan, worksheets and templates.

3d heart gnome valentines craft

Mom, I love you Gnomie Much!

I really had fun designing these 3d Gnome Cards. I think they are simply delightful. And as ever, they work really well as a Valentine’s Day card, but the cute hearts would of course be great for Mom too. You could even had a pom pom to the gnomes hat!

Full tutorial here.

Or avaiable with lesson plan, worksheets and templates.

small axolotl card

Axolotls are super fun to craft and are of course perfect for Mother’s Day – Mom, I Love you Alotl. Too cute. Learn how to make a simple 3d Heart Axolotl Card today.

Full tutorial here.

Or avaiable with lesson plan, worksheets and templates.

Origami Whale Card: I whaley whaley whaley Like you

Origami is super fun as part of Mother’s Day collages. Here is our sweet origami whale. Mom, I love you Whaley Much!

Full tutorial here.

Or avaiable with lesson plan and origami worksheet.

Looking for a printable card for Mom? Then this great pop up heart card is just the thing. In fact, it is better than JUST for Mother’s Day. We have three versions – Mother’s Day, Thank You can “blanks”, so you can use these pop up heart flower bouquet for any occassion! Super easy instructions for your students to follow! Easy peasy and lots of coloring mindfulness time! We have a similar Father’s Day Card that you may want to bookmark with a trophy too!

Pop Up Flower Garden

Another long time favourite is this pop up flower garden! It is an easy make, with students enjoying a video tutorial (though the steps are also written out!). A great one for doodling flowers and using up scraps of paper!

This gorgeous Origami Dress is probably a good craft for slightly older kids who enjoy following video instructions! Once the dress is made, you can easily turn it into this cute washingline pop up!

Pop Up Butterfly card

Similarly to our pop up heart cards… I think these Pop Up Butterflies would make a great Mather’s Day Card Craft too!

Mother’s Day Card Making BUNDLES / DISCOUNTS

In my worksheets and templates store, I created some bundles to help you save some pennies! They are made up of the most popular cards, so hopefully you will find a bundle you like.

mother's day ideas

This bundle includes the popular animal heart pop ups, origami whale, heart penguins and of course the fantastic paper chain hearts!

heart cards for mom

Alternatively, this bundle, still includes the two most popular pop ups (the pop up bear and the paper chain cards), but also has the fabulous 3d Gnome Cards and Pop Up Heart coloring page!

Other printable Mother’s Day Ideas to try

Instead of a card, why not make this fabulous Flower Cootie Catcher. Inside you can write a set of coupon gifts or messages of love! There is a variety to choose from, from blanks to write your own. Always a hit with kids!

paper teacups for mother's day

Or how about this wonderful teacup template?! Fill with teabags and treats for Mom. There is a free plain set to use with any paper or light card stock, or you can take advantage of the full colour versions!

mother's day basket with flowers

Similarly, these little paper baskets are simply adorable. They are great for adding chocolates, favourite small snacks, bath bombs and teabags as fun gifts to Mom! You can use plain white construction paper (card is a bit better though) or pretty patterned paper/ card.

Full tutorial here.

Printable worksheets and template here.

mothers day wreath with flowers

Our Easter Wreath Printable, also has a Mother’s Day Wreath Version. This would be a fantastic project for some mindfulness time in the classroom. As students spend time painting or coloring in the flowers. So sweet! (Free flower printable!).

I hope you enjoyed this collection of Mother s Day Card ideas and that you will have lots of fun with your students in the classroom!